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ICT to improve education to nurses at Presby Nurses Training College in Bawku Ghana

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I am called James Yambor. The principal of the Presbyterian Nurses Training College based in Bawku, in the Upper East Region of Ghana The Presby Nurses Training College has a plan to establish an Information Communication technology Centre to enhance teaching and learning of computer studies and other courses in the college There is also another phase in the plan to get internet connectivity for the college so that students can get access to information from the internet This will go a long way to improve their studies and performance and exams Phase 3 of the plan to get all the computers networked including those in the computer lab and in the tutors offices we are also in the process of linking up with the Christian Health Association of Ghana who are working hand in hand with other NGO's to see how best they could help in the establishment of the ICT centre in bawku Bawku in particularly has been in the news for insecurity reasons but for us today we are proud to say with the return of peace we are more than prepared to receive the support that is coming through CHAG and through the ministry of Health We believe that it will go a long way to help us contribute our quarter in the production of quality nurses to feed the health service delivery systems in Ghana I am Albert Asugri a tutor at the Nurse training College Bawku here I teach subjects like sociology, Psychology and Medicine The ICT programme we are all looking for will help us. Because as you can see the school is lacking behind in terms of research giving out information to our partners outside There are so many ideas. We still doing the college that we did. We have to travel to deliver reports and to take information from others. And in the library you can see the chunk of papers piled up there is no software for the storage of information They packing them outside as hard copy So this programme will help us to achieve if it comes to be here so you can see yourself that things are happening

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Posted by: mkoopman283 on Nov 3, 2011

The Presbyterian Nurses Training College in Bawku Ghana want to upgrade their Resource Centre to a modern eLearning and ICT Resource Centre. As part of the Connect4Change Health Programme in Ghana they are now able to do it.

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