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vlc record 2018 08 02 00h32m25s 04 08 INTV Drug Peddlers mp4

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So he is gonna come. This is [inaudible]. So we just wait here for him then. [inaudible] [inaudible] Just this. [inaudible] What the fuck! Where are you? Anyway! Okay. I can drive that. I can't... I can't see anything about your lighting in there. Best thing you pulled it right down. Just like that. Can you see that? No. No. A little more. Yes. [inaudible] Sorry. [inaudible] What dude? Hey! Nephew! Oh nephew! Come here. You come here. Brother just let's go a bit ahead. [incomprehensible] -So uncle you... -Take the dress first. No. That's not needed. That's not needed. Go back to sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. [inaudible] Yeah. Said you wanna go in? Yeah. Part time? Yeah. Awesome. Just you and... This guy. This guy too? This guy too? Oh brother! Oh brothers, you! -Hi. -Hi. [incomprehensible] No they are inside. Bring Yaba. Bring Yaba. [incomprehensible] -Hi. -Salam (greetings). Hi. How are you? Walaikum Assalam. Hi. Nice of you. It is nice of you. -Have you brought Yaba? -Yes. I have. [incomprehensible] Hey dude. [incomprehensible] You could have told me. Just sit there. Hey Nasir Uncle! I don't see Nasir even on the street. I'm just going to sit down [inaudible]. That's okay. I wanted exactly this. [incomprehensible] [incomprehensible] Okay. Fold it. [incomprehensible] I was coming home thinking about something. Has Nasir not come? Come. Come inside. Yeah? You wanna send him in? Oh man! You won't get another one like me. Come. I will tell all the stories of my life and yours in details. Or if you prefer that sign. If you ask him to stay out! Yeah. Can I.. Can I just be distant? [incomprehensible] Hey father.. Just come. Hey dude just shut up. They won't show your face! They can show my face. No no It's better faking around. Let them show our faces. Can you please cover your faces. It will be better. No show our faces! No show our faces. We don't have time. We are not afraid of anyone. Even Nazim brother knows it. I'm saying they came. Both of them? [incomprehensible] Hey Nasir man ! You are the master dude. If they don't come, they don't come. I told that son of a bitch to come for his own good. [incomprehensible] It is almost done. Mine is ready. Hey dude. Come on in. What have you started? I am alone... One man! Whatever I say , only me, that will be enough. They came suddenly. They are the new program. I never imagined they would come at night. This is the new media. They came with Nazim vai or whatever. I can't believe because I haven't seen it. Anyway. Whatever I expected... That's happening from today. I am ready. Start mine. Okay? That's okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. -Too much? -It's good. Tell me you are ready. So can you... Tell me how do you use the Yaba? Yaba? -How do you do it? -300. You should talk to me. Tell him to talk to me, will you? Talk to him. Don't look at me. Yaba! 300. One piece. -And what are you doing? -How is it done? Show us. Ready? [incomprehensive] Okay. That's Yaba? And you burn it underneath? [incomprehensive] What does that.What does that.. What does that feel like? Ramien, tell him to tell me... What it feels like when you breathe it in. What does that do to you? How does it taste to smoke? Describe it. Do tell what it tastes like. Don't speak. Go to that line you bastard. Son of a bitch. Like he can do something to anyone. He showed me. See it is done. Where did brother go? Won't he explain in Bangla what's he saying?! What is it tell me. I will make explain. Hey shut up.. Don't I undersatnd? You said it yourself you studied. I don't understand. -Whose house is it? -This is our house. -Isn't it your house? -Yes. -You sold everything. -Sold all including that building. I sold it for 5.5 lakhs in 2006. Now the price is 2 crore. [incomprehensible] I used to drive a truck in '95. And now I'm in this condition. They left nothing in me. When did you first try? I took it since '95. [incomprehensible] Then I came.

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