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My name is Mark Delzer, I'm Product Manager for NEC UNIVERGE Blue. Today a lot of businesses face the problem of disjointed applications being used to track a single item. An example I like to use is a Word document that's being sent around for editing. You never know on an email thread if you've got the latest version, did the last person who provided edits reply to all? Team Collaboration provides a solution to that by allowing you to group subjects within a conversation, and allows you to have conferences and record those conferences, and put files within that conversation. Each conversation is limited on access by the participants that you invite. We had 60 participants on this conference call, we recorded it and everyone who is a participant can reference this later to watch it or they can download it as an MP4 file. Every file is in there. You can download it, edit it, you always know when it was done by date. You re-upload it, the file list is updated to show the one that you put in there and everyone who is working on that project can go in and find the latest version. Another benefit is by tying Team Collaboration into your Outlook, you can schedule meetings and create conversations from within Outlook. If you use this plugin link I can create a new conversation or I can add it to an existing conversation. Let's create a new one. I'm going to allow guest access so that people that are outside Team Collaboration are allowed to join and participate in this conversation. It went into Team Collaboration, created a conversation, and pulled this URL link that your outside users can click on to join the conference. Team Collaboration is a stand-alone application. UNIVERGE Blue has a complete suite of products but this can be purchased as its own product. Competitors will make you tie that into their product as a feature. We also provide storage at no additional charge. Access to conversations is controlled by who is in the participant list. If I want somebody else to have access I can add them as a participant. Once I do this, they're able to access any information in the conversation and can participate in calls. If I wanted to call them, I simply click on the phone icon they ring all. If I want video, I can launch video. I can also access this from my mobile phone. In this I've got an active call. If I want to move from my PC to my mobile device I simply swipe it. Now I've got audio and video on my mobile device. For more information contact your local NEC re-seller or visit Orchestrating a brighter world. NEC.

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