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Chatterbox XBi/XBi2 how to pair with cell phone only

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this is the instructional video on how to pair a bluetooth cell phone to the chatterbox XBi/XBi2 the first thing you want to do is make sure that your cell phone is not only bluetooth but also is bluetooth 2.0 there are older phones out there that are bluetooth but use an older protocol which is not 2.0 for example the palm treo or the motorola razor are perfect examples of phones that do not use the latest protocol so what will happen is you will think that it is paired after pairing it. Then when you make or receive a call it will automatically drop your call because the protocol will not be matching up. The Xbi uses the 2.0 protocol. so after doing that you want to put the XBi into bluetooth pairing mode. In order to do that you want to first make sure the unit off you want to push and hold the power button down and hold until the bluetooth logo begins to blink slowly after that you want to then let go of the power button. At this point the XBi is now in bluetooth pairing mode the next thing you want to do is go into your phone and go under the bluetooth settings on your cell phone once you get it to the bluetooth settings you want it to search for a bluetooth device again you want it to search for a bluetooth device and you will notice that when it searches it will find the XBi and it will list it as the XBi in your list the next thing you want to do is click on that and it will ask you for a four digit pin code. The universal code that you want to use is 0000 so you want to type in 0000 and click connect and proceed to let the phone continue the pairing depending on your phone it may ask you if you want to complete the pairing process. Just follow whatever your phones instructions are. once your phone shows you that the unit is now paired the last thing you want to do is double check that your phone is paired in order to do that you must push and hold the power button for one second and let go what that will do is send a signal from the XBi to your phone to call the last number that you called on your cell phone so i will push the power button once and let go and as you can see it is now dialing the last number that I called so I went ahead and pushed end call so that I do not call that last person. At this point now I have double checked to make sure the unit is paired. and from this point on you cell phone is now completely paired you will notice that when receiving an incoming call that the phone will ring in your headset. if you decide to answer the phone call you could push the power button once to answer the phone and when you are done with your call you can then push the power button again or wait for that person to hang up and the XBi will automatically go back to whatever it was that you were doing before then. So from this point on after you conduct the original pairing process you will no longer need to put the XBi into pairing mode. From this point on before going on a ride the only thing you will need to do is turn the power on normally and push the power button once on the XBi and it will automatically dial your last number called after it does that you phone will be officially paired and you will be ready to go once again this is the video on how to perform the original pairing process for a phone to the XBi/XBi2

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Country: United States
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Posted by: chatterboxusa on Dec 23, 2009

Chatterbox XBi (rider to passenger model) Chatterbox XBi2 (bike to bike model) how to pair with cell phone only

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