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Felix Peralta Jr

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my name is Felix Sinaloa in 1963 my family brought me to old and I grew up in the States 2001 and been here Mexico since 2001 I got arrested and it gave me three and was live in the streets again so I'm called somebody anybody help me this is deportation is not easy surviving when if you lose everything material things come and go it's like a just imagine being born in Mexico your United States of America you grow up join the Armed Forces you serve a life seems so beautiful your family you're saying this is life you have to choice or should I say you break the law can't deport it back to the country another world depression hits you like a should have have done things differently alcohol drugs help me I'm lost in a why me the wall separates me from my help somebody anybody walking the pockets looking down at the ground lost great big wall that separates me from my can't get a job I'm dirty haven't taken lost don't know what to do where am i please help me I'm too dirty ask for a beg for money you have two hands to feed can't do it there that might hurt so wall won't let me kameena I can't do it I just want to get smell that rot their minds are gone they gonna be like them all cause drugs in a different world so close but so far disappear no studi here create a big me the streets I got deported a second time in this world you know but I just like family member help me with a little bit up a life when I said I smelled a rotten and they're the pieces of body are zombie I was walking like them and I I just born at one shot boom and never and I guess writing this helped me just a Christian rehab and I'm here now now power you know who's got power and it's just anybody came to party if you don't you just if you land on your feet you'd drugs or Hong Kong I bet you 90% of them and writing help me stabilize my mind people that live on the streets and I see it with them you know if I have a whatever you know cuz I live there you

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Posted by: herna130 on Sep 5, 2018

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