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Jake and Finn's route to UK

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There's no hope staying in Gambia. It was early morning when I left my hometown. From Gambia, I drove about 900 km to reach the border of Mali. After 15 hours, Finn and I arrived at the city of Bamako, all exhausted. I could have stayed in a better place but the money had to be saved until I reached the coastline of Libya so we stayed at a cheap place called Badala in the suburb area. But we did not stay long. The next morning, I went downtown to get some gasoline. The place was crowded as I passed a local market. Finn sniffed his nose through the open window and he started to bark as if he wanted me to see something. I tried to look over his head and it was a Krispy Kreme, the donut store. Me and Finn can't help ourselves from the incense of those yummy donuts. so we decided to get some before leaving Bamako. I got 2 Cinnamon Sugar and Finn got 2 Sugar Doughnuts. After that we stop by a small gasoline station to have a refill for my truck and continued my journey to Nigeria. I was blessed to make it this far. We went straight 15 hours to reached Benin City, Nigeria. It was 1a.m when we reached here so we decided to stay for tonight. But there was only place that we couldn't afford to stay, the price was too high so we slept on our truck and continue the journey next morning. Finn woke me up in the early morning so I went looking for markets for us the get food as well. From Benin City to Agadez will be a long way, approximately 2,000 km so I bought enough snacks for two of us. But as we reached to the border of Nigeria, I saw a truck about 100 meters away stopped by the rebels and all of the people in the truck got killed. Me and Finn freaked out and we decided to ran into the bush before the rebels came. After 1 hour, the rebels had already left and we got into a truck by paying them to get us through the border of Nigeria. We had left all our things behind in the last truck except for money, so me and Finn was starving at the back of the truck with the smelly fish. Finally the truck pulled up at Agadez city at Niger just like where we wanted to stay. I asked the guys to stay with them because we have nowhere else to go. They brought us to a factory where they work, and they promise they’ll bring us to Libya tomorrow morning because if we stay here too long there will be trouble. We left at dawn, and on the way I noticed Finn had a sign of illness. His nose was running and he kept sneezing since last night. We drove along the highway and there was not much on the sides beside trees, sands or rocks. After miles and miles, we reached Tripoli, Libya and we had to say goodbye to Phineas whose drove us here. Phineas gave me a contact of a person who can help us to cross over to Europe. This is a big city but finally we found the place, and it is in a very crowded street with small houses and shops built along the road. The guy promised to safely bring me to Italy with one condition: Finn couldn't come with us. I didn't accept the deal because Finn was an important part that help me to get this far on my journey. I couldn't just leave him here alone Three days later, I’ve met Ferb at a local store, he was a migrant like me and he promised to help us to go to to Italy. I was so excited to pack my stuffs and ready to leave, but Finn seemed like he didn't want to move. I thought that he was too sick so I carried him, but he was so cold that it like he was dead... I couldn't help myself but to buried him to the nearest empty place. I'll remember this day, November 1st. Italy was beautiful but I knew I had to leave. Yesterday, we successfully got to the mainland of Italy and stayed at a Ferb's friend's place near the coastline. Ferb said there’s a better place for us in Calais where we would have food and shelter and eventually would settle our lives there. But the journey to France was not easy. What are we gonna do now Ferb? How much do you got left? Your money. Ugrhh, I don't know. Enough for a last trip?There's no way we could get there. Smugglers can help us this time. (Ferb) On the 2nd of January, we arrived at Calais for more than a month of floating on the Mediterranean. <Celebrating the successful trip> But Calais was a disillusion. There was lack of access to everything. Although, the government won't left us starving, life here was nothing more than a life of a homeless. <It's me on the TV, see!!> < I can't stand eating can beans anymore!> On the 31st of January, Ferb and I got to a local store and we got out with two swimsuits. We were ready to leave the place. As I got into the deep black water, there was a surge of hope rise upon the surface of my mind. We swam and swam until I couldn't feel my body. < I was saved and made it to UK but Ferb couldn't> But Ferb and Finn will always be remembered.

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