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HAO Tempered Glass from Taiwan (English Subtitle / HD)

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Hello, everyone. Today we will record a new video for our new HAO product. This is new HAO tempered glass HAO Tempered Glass 0.2mm, 0.2mm is the thickness of the tempered glass. (Latest HAO Tempered Glass Thickness is 0.33mm) Today we will do some quality testing. This is a brand new iPhone 5s, let me peel off the original screen protector first. This is HAO Tempered Glass, what is the differences between HAO Tempered Glass and other brand tempered glass? Basically, a good tempered glass has a very high bending strength. The more you can bend a tempered glass, the lower the chance of tempered glass cracking or breaking This is a normal tempered glass, yes it is very cheap and low price Let see the normal tempered glass bending strength. If bend further the normal tempered glass will crack and break easily. This is one of the reason why other brand tempered glass is so much cheaper than HAO Tempered Glass. Cheap Tempered Glass with low bending strength can crack and break very easily. Next, we will see the HAO Tempered Glass self adhesive, bubble free installation. Ok, let me wipe clean the screen display first...please wait Ok Done, let's start installing HAO Tempered Glass.. HAO Tempered Glass has OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive) Bonding Technology You just need to adjust the tempered glass to the screen, put it on and tap it in the middle. Auto self adhesive. It's so simple and easy. Basically, a good quality tempered glass only need 2-3 seconds to install. HAO Tempered Glass Hardness rating is 9H, a normal protector hardness usually is 3H. Now, Im preparing for our next testing... The purpose of this video is to inform customers the differences between a good quality tempered glass and a cheap tempered glass. Ok, this is a marker pen. If you draw on the normal screen protector, it will not repel the ink. If you draw to the HAO Tempered Glass, the glass surface will repel the ink because the surface has oleophobic coating. [Scratch Test] This is the HAO Tempered Glass. Anti-Scratch, 9H Hardness Please note that HAO Tempered Glass is not 100% anti-scratch. It's the hardness of the glass is 9H which will not scratch so easily. This is a rusted screwdriver, let's use it to knock the tempered glass. If you purposely use sand paper, diamond or sharp objects to knock the glass very hard, the tempered glass will get scratch. [Oleophobic Testing - Repel Water / Liquid] Please note that oleophobic coating has lifespan also, it will last at least 10,000 times wiping before it's gone. [Drop test with HAO Tempered Glass] Let's try switch on this iPhone 5s to show you it's real iPhone 5s before we do drop test! Can't switch on iPhone 5s, maybe running out of battery already! Ok, nevermind. This iPhone 5s Gold Version is also installed with HAO Tempered Glass Let's do drop test with this iPhone 5s Gold Version, this is a real iPhone 5s also. The drop test height is usually at chest level or ear level when using the smartphone. [Drop Test - 1st Drop] 1st Drop - No crack or scratch to HAO Tempered Glass! HAO Tempered Glass main function is to protect your original screen display from breaking! [Drop Test - 2nd Drop] Errr.. This floor is not hard and solid enough for drop test, let's go outside and try drop test on Marble Floor! [Drop Test - 3rd Drop] Er..What? Still nothing happen to HAO Tempered Glass? [Drop Test - 4th Drop] Let's go back inside and check the result of the drop test. Ok, iPhone 5s seems working fine and nothing happen to HAO Tempered Glass after 4 times drop test! For more info, please visit our page: or contact us Bryan Lau @ +6019-5100650 / Chris Kher @ +6016-3858538

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Duration: 7 minutes and 56 seconds
Year: 2014
Country: Malaysia
Language: English
Producer: HAO Taiwan
Director: Bryan Lau
Views: 175
Posted by: bhlau2 on Dec 13, 2014

iPhone 5s with HAO Tempered Glass Dropped 4 times from chest level.

For more info, please visit us at

Bryan Lau: +6019-5100650
Chris Kher: +6016-3858538

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