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8 O novo normal é vivo

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The machine company is the old normal. Everybody has once worked in a company that sees the employee as a gear, and the consumer a target audience with money in their pockets. This company worked well in the last century because the world was stable and predictable. And people were very ill-informed. This had been changing in this century, and the virus came to put an end to the machine model. For this new world of the post-corona networking society, the new normal is the living-system company. THE NEW NORMAL IS ALIVE THE NEW NORMAL DO NOT WASTE THE CRISIS a partnership What is a living system? You are a living system! In a company that is a living system, in a market and society that are... a living ecosystem. So we're not stating anything extraordinary here. How does a living system company work? To understand how a living system company works, you have to get out of the company, and look for a helicopter view. This is the hint. The helicopter view means to get away from the ground away from a short and immediate watch, to widen your view. And when you get on top to have the image of the whole, being able to see the company interacting with the ecosystem. The helicopter view is important because in the company within the hierarchy, in a goal-achieving routine, the chair we're sitting on taints our vision. And you can't see the whole of the organization or the business it's in. It's like if you're stuck in traffic with no information about what's happening. You're stuck. With no action possible. If you hop on the helicopter and fly you're going to widen your view gather more information about the traffic and alternatives. Then you go back and take measures to escape the traffic. When you widen your view of the company, you start to see that it's interacting with market and society all the time. It's the ecosystem. Where it seeks resources, talents, partners, knowledge, innovation, investors, revenue... The company is creating relationships, links that allow a good information flow. And ensure its permanent evolution at an optimum cost. This is the moment when you'll know that the consumer is not a target and that the employee is not just a piece of equipment. They're sensitive, creative, critic people. Capable of having good ideas, and giving feedback for the evolution of the company. At good speed and low cost. This is the time when it gets clear, what is a living system company in permanent evolution. This is the first condition for a company to be agile as a healthy living system. Just as we promised. Recognizing that the company is a living system. This is not a metaphor. Or a nice way to talk about the company. The new normal is the living system company, and this is very good for living systems. Just like us. Have a good day at work! Let's go together. See you next time!

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Posted by: robelinky on May 5, 2020

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