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Porque Apoyamos el Movimiento Zeitgeist

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Hello, my name in the Zeitgeist Movement (ZM) is Grace. I am a professional artist and a Visual Arts teacher in all media of Drawing and Painting. Hello, my name is “El Brujo” (“The Wizard”) within the Movement. I am an electrician, a cabinet-maker and also a sound recording and a computer technician. We were born in Argentina, South America, but lived in Australia for the last 24 years with our 2 children. We are currently part of the "ZM Linguistic team" for transcriptions, also translations and proofreadings into the Spanish language. In the past, within our country of origin, we have suffered and we have been witnesses to horrible human rights violations, abuses, tortures and a genocide of thousands of human beings with 30,000 disappeared by military dictatorships. After 24 years having left our country of origin, still such political corruptions continue on exponential scale, under the name of ‘democracy’, just because people can vote. This all does not happen in just one country; it is happening in all Latin-American countries, as the rest of the World. The fundamental reason why we advocate for the Zeitgeist Movement is for its intelligent approximation to the root of humankind suffering; also, by its holistic approximation to the social-economic paradigm, as a primary cause of the social stratification and all the political corruption already internationally spread, as an infectious virus. We see Peter Joseph from the Zeitgeist Movement, with Jacque Fresco & Roxanne Meadows, from the Venus Project, as the ones who captured the collective sub-consciousness and the urgency of humankind, offering scientific and coherent solutions. The result is this exponential growing number with new members and active participants. Hence, everyone who approaches the Zeitgeist Movement is able to find a solution applying the scientific method as the only alternative to solve all global social-economic problems. We consider that it is time for a radical change of consciousness, where everything false is eliminated; but to accomplish that it is critical to re-educate ourselves through correct information, re-programming our minds from obsolete cultural conditioning. We need to spread vital information to completely eradicate the actual monetary system and thus, all divisions among countries through a global “Resource Based Economy” system. Within the current stage of our human evolution, we already have sufficient incredible scientific, technological and social advancements that are able to achieve this “Resource Based Economy” becoming a reality. Let us consider that this technology has already the capacity to achieve that today's slavery jobs could be delegated to computers and automated systems far more advanced from what they are utilized today. The industrial automation and Information technology are able to provide right now a good life-standard without the need of tedious and useless labor ways of today, which consume a valuable time of our daily lives. We could spend it instead in leisure, travel and expansion in all humane levels such as: creative, psychological… …and even ‘spiritual’ if you wish!... Today, all humankind could make use of technology with clean energy sources, without risks, avoiding contaminating food or products while being in harmony with nature, without monetary or competitive restrictions. The recent disasters that happened in Japan, is another demonstration of the need to implement right now, low-risk energy resources and resource-based economies on the entire planet. It demonstrates how our cultural-psychological conditioning works, where it makes us believe that we are “different” from other human beings. This Movement offers a scientific demonstration of the opposite, contrary to the popular belief that…“the human being is destructive and competitive by nature”… Thus, it demonstrates that the human being is affectionate and compassionate; because when it is motivated by an ideal environment, can live in harmony with all other human beings without destroying the environment. It also exposes how we are manipulated by the news and advertising media who actually respond to ruthless corporate and banking systems. These are the ones who directly or indirectly are even responsible of sending governments with their armies to murder other human beings, for monetary benefit and monopolistic supremacy. It also explains further how all political systems and the very same monetary systems are directly responsible for the human suffering in epic proportions, including the current labor slavery and social stratification. The active participation within the Zeitgeist Movement is about getting informed correctly, to ask to oneself questions and to question authority with its political systems; from a different perspective about what is the reality behind the world that surrounds us, instead of accepting what the media tell us with its distorted sources. For this reason the Zeitgeist Movement is indispensable. However, it is also necessary to get profoundly informed what the Venus project is all about. In this way, when the "scientific method" is applied instead of politics, you will be able to see the positive and incredible possibilities the human race has. So, while you are gradually being informed -as part of that active participation- you too can share with others; but with a tremendous capacity of social alertness. That is our "activism" within the movement…. re-educating and spreading about the falseness of the monetary and political systems worldwide. Also, within the TeamSpeak channels, you can talk to other activists while sharing knowledge plus incredible information, within a high degree of respect among everyone. Also, you will be able to participate on the ZM "Chapters" in your own country, or to create one if you wish. Our children and the coming generation does not deserve to continue living with this load of social garbage and flawed conditioning from the past; not just within the economy aspect, or with environmental contamination high-risks, also within the psychological depths too. All the inhabitants of this planet need a "Resource Based Economy" to live equally, in order to have our basic needs covered such as food, health, housing, etc., within an international society that minimizes the personal safety risks for each human being, without division of countries, religion or race. Hence, we will be able to enjoy all the marvels that life offers within this beautiful planet we share together. And quite a not so far distant future, we may expand ourselves towards other planets... and from that free state of psychological expansion; be able to share with other worldly intelligences... and maybe just then, in a not-so-distant future, we may be ready to reach the stars... This is the Zeitgeist, "the spirit of the times" for a global change, perhaps our next evolutionary step. Welcome everyone to the Movement. Thank you very much. See you soon...

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Posted by: brujo on Mar 21, 2011

Nacimos en Argentina, Sudamérica, pero vivimos en Australia hace 24 años con nuestros 2 hijos. Somos activistas y parte del equipo Lingüístico del MZ.

We were born in Argentina, South America but lived in Australia for the last 24 years with our 2 children. We are activists and part of the ZM linguistic team.

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