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Episode #2 Palestine and Israel

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So when Palestinians say "Palestine So when Palestinians say "Palestine mostly they mean all of the land Like, regardless of their political views, like, they can say that, "OK, we want to find a solution" but in spirit they are still connected to all the land. And for me it would not be a problem if it stays like that You can relate to all the land and feel that you are from every little piece of this land. But you also consider a way of finding a solution. But the thing that is really happening now The Palestinian side is sticking to all the land, and the Israelis are sticking to all the land so we are not going anywhere. I'm talking about a political solution not how you feel about this land. So what is Israel for Israelis? Ok, so I think that for many Israelis Israel is also the whole land the biblical land, the historical land of their ancestors. For many left-wing Israelis, Israel is only the part that is Israel from the '67 borders. Like without the West Bank and without the Gaza strip. And not many Israelis would use the term "Palestine" they would say the West Bank or the Gaza Strip but if they would the would refer to the '67 borders. The West Bank and the Gaza Strip. And also many Israelis want the whole land and the Palestinians want the whole land I'm sure there should be some sort of compromise. Yeah. You mean they want it in a political way. Yeah. When I grew up, I didn't even know what the West Bank was. I knew only what Israel is and that Israel is the whole land. The whole thing. And for you? Same thing.

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Episode #2 Palestine and Israel

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