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Why do we seek relationships? Sadhguru

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fundamentally why have we sought a relationship because you find yourself that without a relationship if you do not have any kind of relationship in your life then you become depressed so fundamentally you're seeking a relationship because you want to be happy you want to be joyful or in other words you're trying to use the other as a source of your happiness when you're trying to use the other person as a source of your happiness what it means is your happiness is not uh on self start it's like this maybe nobody's old enough for this but uh let's say you bought a car in nineteen fourties if you got yourself a car in fourties along with the car you have to get yourself two servants because morning push start fifties if you bought a car one servant will do because crank start now all your automobiles are self start but your happiness is still on push start isn't it? somebody has to push it a little bit or it won't get started if you put your happiness in self start and now if you're happy by your own nature now relationships will become a means for you to express your happiness not to seek happiness if you're forming relationships to seek happiness and trying to squeeze happiness out of somebody and that person is trying to squeeze happiness out of you now this is going to be a painful relationship after some time initially it may be okay because something is being fulfilled but if you have become a joy by yourself and you're forming relationships because you want to express your happiness nobody's going to complain about you because you're in the process of expressing your joy not seeking joy from the other person so if your life becomes an expression of your joy not in pursuit of happiness then relationships will be naturally wonderful you can hold a million relationships and still hold them good, now this whole circus of trying to fulfill somebody else's expectations does not arise because if you are an expression of joy anyway they want to be with you if you're trying to extract joy from them then they want to avoid you yes? shifting your life from pursuit of happiness to an expression of joyfulness is what needs to happen if relationships have to really work on all levels

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 We all have one relationship or another, but why? Sadhguru addresses this question in an excerpt from "In the Presence of the Master series."

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