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Protesting MSU Closing Deaf Education - Celeste Johnson &

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[silence] ...I majored in accounting, from ? college of business in Rochester. [applause] (man speaking) four more individuals sign up ..?... In this case, according to my records, we had two individuals sign up....?... (woman) The names I have are Celeste Johnson and Sheryl Emery. (woman) So I take it I have ...? Too bad we didn't get more people, we had 12. I am here to address the issue of the closing of the Deaf Education Program for Teachers. and the American Sign Language program. In mid November of 2009, and announcement was made public, about the closing of the Deaf Education Training program. The announcement of the ASL program, however, was never made public, it just kind of became well known. There isn't any mention on the website about the closing of the American Sign Language, the ASL program. Budget was given as the prime reason for the closure. I looked at the website very carefully. and I looked at rationales for recommended discontinuation. As I said, ASL is not mentioned there, and I find it curious, that most of the programs, classes majors, whatever - that are scheduled for discontinuation are referenced as "recommended for discontinuation" This is not the case for the Deaf Education program. You've seen these people, or other people, who sign, who support this program, over a number of months. In some instances, people from the community have met with administration and everyone's been told, that the final decision will be made in May of 2010. That's not true. The decision has already been made. When you opposed a moratorium starting this semester, you ensured that the program is going to close. And I think that it is incumbent upon the administration of the university, to be honest with the people who pay taxes to support that institution. That didn't happen. It's a done deal, and we know it. It's not your typical, "oh gee ithis is a really worthwhile program, and so many people are going to be hurt", stage, because we know it's a done deal. and we know that you know, that this program is valued by many, many people. The support for the discontinuation has been lead by Carol Ames, the dean of the school, the college of education. And I regret to say, that it's full of lies. There are just a million mis-truths represented in the stuff that she has to say. I'm not going to present you with any papers on it, 'cause I, the things that I have written about it, have already been presented to you. American Sign Language has a huge enrollment. It's not budget that is driving that, for we see other languages, few people, you're keepin' 'em. It's discrimination. [microphone whistle] [applause, deaf voices] Has your life ever been changed, so radically, impacted by ? That the course of your life has been completely changed? At the age of 13, I went from being like you, completely hearing, to being completely deaf. And I'm here today, as the director of a state agency, because someone wanted to become a teacher of the deaf. I was successful against all the odds, because someone took the time to teach a black, inner-city girl, to be able to succeed. I had a teacher who cared. But if you decide to remove this program, you remove the opportunity for every child, who is like me, to become a success. Some of you have said, you don't believe, ASL is a language. Dr. William Stoke, at Galludet University, proved ASL was a language. We have programs here, within this state, that teach children like mine, I have 3 deaf children, and I can prove oral programs failed all 3 of my children. Deaf education, with the right to communicate, in the choice that you prefer, really allows our students to succeed and to work. What you are trying to force our kids to go to a program, that says no, we don't support that. Their program, Eastern Michigan University, is an Oral Program. My kids are not to succeed there. Half of the kids who are deaf in this state, will not succeed there. I'm asking you, begging you, do not close this program. ? It's not just an emotional issue, you have proof in your statistics that these programs these ASL programs, are well attended by over 350 students every semester. Eight of the Big Ten colleges, say that they have work for ASL, that are continuously failing. There is no reason to close this program. We are asking you again, begging you, please continue with this program. [single hand clap]

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MSU Protest

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