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2019 - Jackie RABOLD

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OK yes. So we're going to start with where you started. Tell me about how you got into your Tupperware business? Well you know many years ago 20 years ago my sister went to a party and the host wanted the extra hostess gift special needed a second date. My sister honestly can’t talk in the party. I mean she just was kind of relentless and I really didn't think I wanted to have a show. I mean I was not excited about it. I was just doing it because you know she asked me to do it and the girl from the very beginning from the time she emailed me a party packet was talking to me about the business and I was just put my hand up I'm not interested. And even after the party you know she talked a lot throughout the party about the recognition and walking across stage. I remember her talking about me thinking that doesn't matter at all to me. I don't know what she's talking about. And she'd only been in that game for a short period of time maybe six months and she was talking about how she was going to earn a car. And even none of that. Honestly I don't think really piqued my interest at that moment. But she said that she made one hundred and twenty five dollars on my party and that my friends were going to spend money or my friends were going to book a party and I could either go there and spend money or I could go there and make money and I was like. So, my plan really was to just do it for maybe six parties which you know 20 years ago at least I would say that just five or six parties and then you'll know. And and when I heard that I thought oh that means I have to do six parties, right So I lined up my six parties and my game plan was to make money, take all of that money and turn it into the Tupperware that I needed in the catalogue and cost - and and leaf and instead I quit my other job. - Wao. because the money was just better and at the time I had one child, I had a18 months old. And I was leaving her you know eight nine hours a day to go to work. We didn't have daycare but I would happy that my sister would watch her or my husband would watch her which meant that I never had a day off with my husband and I never had a day off with my sister. So you don't want to just don't make sense. You know I was working as a medical assistant. I could make way more money if I applied myself. You know doing Tupperware so And I don't know you know if this is is it you want me to go or not. But I really didn’t think that would ever step into management. You know I can only really look at it for how the parties worked up to how many parties would I need to do to make that income happen. And that was in August of 98 and in October of 98 my husband's company was going bankrupt and the company that he worked for I should say was going to file Chapter 13. And he came home one day and said you know I have to start working now because I either going to be the person who goes out with a resume for the company that just went under or excuse me or get in front of it. And so my first impulse was to go back to the doctor's office. My first impulse was to do that and maybe do Tupperware on the side. I put it on the shelf and a rally was happening that night. And I actually called my distributor and said I'm not coming. You know. I kind of gave her the spiel of what was going on and she said you know what sometimes you need help. And sometimes rambling video and tonight you rally and this really doesn't have anything to do with Tupperware. She said oh gosh it really does have something to do with Tupperware. And so I came in at the time Teri Fingerhut was president no vice president and she was our guest brand that night. And she came to me afterwards and she said you know I hope you don't mind. Tina shared a little bit about your story with me and I know you feel like you could support you know the kind of income your husband might lose. But what are you looking to make. Nice that. And I said he's he's going to lose his income he's going to lose a company car. He's going to lose a lot by leaving this company that he’s been with for a long time. She said, so what kind of money are we talking about So I'm like 35 40,000 dollars She said, you can absolutely talk about Tupperware and I really thought this woman she's great because all I could do honestly was the math and the parties and she said you need to build a team. And I said well I tried that. I asked two people, they both said that I can't recruit just like go you know you probably can you probably need to ask a few more. And so you know when I left there she made me promise to give ita couple of weeks. She said Do what you're doing you have good sales person just add the elements of the opportunity to your party. If you do that you'll get results. But as long as you're not doing that you're not going to get results. And so that's what I did. I mean within a week. And the element of the opportunity to my party and one of my hostesses was at one of her days and I said you know you really should sell this stuff. And she said Oh do you think so. And what we excel. So that's what happened I just I just started talking to people at the parties just like she told me to. I didn't know what the heck I was doing. I didn't know what I like. I called my distributors after my first recruiter and she's like fantastic. You invited her out to rally. No. Awesome. - So did you set up a grand opening. No. - No. OK. So how are you going to pay for her. I had not done any of that. Like I literally said before cell phones I got home called late. I got my first like OK so you know how about how about as I did nothing. So. So I think that you know I need to tell that story because I think new people need to understand that it's OK you know open your mouth. We're going to help you from there. Some of it you want. We'll take it from there right now. OK. So how long has that been again. - Twenty years. Yeah. - Twenty years. Wow. And to win it. Even though I didn't know. And how have you brought up your son? Is there any? I have a daughter named Dominique and other - daughter is Bella. - OK. So how has seeing you as your own business affected by the crisis? They helped me make me crises Well you know both my kids and I think what No matter what happens mommy is going to be there. Right. Every field trip. You know the stuff that we're able to do with our kids. It's not just about you know taking them on trips and long trips. And believe me it's allowed for kids to go to - Disney. And you know and realize, that you know - Absolutely. Mommy this happened but there's so many so many activities that my kids and I only use. I never had to miss a horse show. I never had to miss a dance recital. I never had to be having anybody else pick them up or take them to school. I mean I was the last face they saw before school started in the first face. So could get out and still I have a Junior in high school and it's still the same. So that's an emotional part of business. I think people don't really realize oh my - goodness you make it so emotional. - I know it’s not me, its Tupperware. That's what they did feel like Tupperware has also made change to you in any way. Oh my goodness. I really wasn't very confident when I came in and I didn't know that I wasn't confident. I had done a lot of other things and you know I was very successful when I worked on hospitality and restaurant industry. And I left that because my husband also worked in - the restaurant industry and it’s so. - That's schedules is tough. Oh it is. And both of us had multiple restaurants and it was just it was tough. And so I left that and became a medical assistant to try to get some stability. And when you work a job like that you have no Control,you have no, you know you just go and punch your clock, you to do your job, you shut your mouth and that's it. And it really was a waste. I mean it was a waste so much and I don't want to Sound like I'm conceited but it takes away from a natural talent that you have as a person to to go to counter punch a clock. And so after having that and having that take away I didn't realize how much I missed having control of my life being able to inspire other people and all of the other people and training other people and all of that was was missing and I didn't know I was missing that until I got it back again. So it sounds like you have a very deep passion - for your team. - Oh my goodness. Somebody asked me if Hardy a long time ago. What do you like least about your job. And I never got their question before and they recruited me. The thing that I like least is when I want it more for somebody because they want to put themselves in that person and see if they just don't understand what is available to them and that they were able to make that happen. That Let us take them by the hand and show them because the most rewarding thing of course is when you're successful. Right. And so and once you have a taste of that once you know somebody that you work with gets a car. or even even just promoted to manager when you hand keys out. Are you kidding me. It's crazy. The gratification that they give you. And so for me that's the best part of the job. All along the way those little tiny successes When the consult comes with you, dates a party. I mean she just dates a party. she’s been struggling and struggling. But you're giving her the weird choices and then she calls you and freaks out. Just recently one of her leadership folks she's just kind of you know at a party run and she's pregnant you know working on that and she called me the other day and said I book that party. But I spoke to one party that I had in my book just booking for a party. And I said that one party could turn around and that's what happened. And it's true when one party really could turn your business around. So all of those things that happen all those times that team member calls you and tells you about a success that they had. It's it's now I success. It's their success. And when you hear it in their voice they are so proud of themselves to you know. - And that's very gratifying. - Yeah, so one party could change everything as I kind of get my trust. Well with a consultant I always say one party could change everything. One party could change the whole landscape of your business. Many times will train and that will say look where this came from. And you know what came from this party. What came from this party. But until they've lived with that until they get we say a party of Tupper products. A party that people get it you just understand that this isn't just any old product. This is Tupperware. This is yes. The best food storage on the planet. But look how far we've come and how it could just change everything for your kitchen and for your lifestyle. And so yeah when. When a consultant realizes that this when they backtrack a go. You know what it was that one party that really branched off this consultant probably I got you know these party chains. I met this whole family of people from that one party. - Right. - I know it's happened to me many times over the years. I've got a family I can think right now. A family of the Bemens. When I did their first party the mom has eight - kids home schooled all eight children. - Wow, that’s crazy. And and now they've been my customers for such a long time. You know you're sending them of toys because her kids are having kids and you're doing parties with her daughters now. And one of her daughters is now finally a consultant online but that's been over. You know I don't know 12 or 15 years. You know it's so exciting to have somebody that you partied with them and their daughters call you and say I'm just coming to my first apartment and I'm so excited to have a Tupperware party, you know so. Yes. That’s fun. So you know more than just the team. Tell me about some trips that you've earned a lot and just your favorite Tupperware experiences that you've been given. Oh my goodness there's so many which is wonderful. Right. of course. And it never gets old when you go on a trip with Tupperware. Right. I think my favorite trip that we earned was Ireland. We went to Ireland. It was amazing. And it's a place where we never would have been In a hundred years. We would never have chosen to go because we didn't go or we didn't know it's kind of like the business right. You don't know what you don't know. And so we got there haven't we. We had the most amazing time and we stayed in Dublin and we stayed in a castle all right. And we really saw the country. But what was cool is when we got to the airport my husband summed it up. We were we were looking at postcards and we'd taken a lot of pictures. But you know it's something to be said for a postcard. And we went through this rack of postcards and we realized that there was literally one place that we had not seen. - Wow. - They had taken us everywhere. We had seen everything. It was so cool to be able to say oh my gosh you were there. We were there and we saw the cliffs. They didn't just say do you want to go you know above or below. They said let's go and then we'll go back and do it let's do it you know. So that was amazing. Chairman summit was last year I was blown away by that it was so amazing to go to Chairman summit because of previous abounded we had different kind of that because we we'd get Tupperware people on any trip but we're going to talk Tupperware at some point. But at Chairman summit you would think it would be more sound like we would talk more about the business but because you're there with folks from other countries and you really are there to - celebrate a long term success. - Right. It was really a great network opportunity. I got to you know talk to Tricia. You know she'd just come in and we got to hear from Rick as his last time talking to us. And I remember after I walked out of that talk well I just planned rally because if this is the last thing he's going to leave us with this - is the message I'm bringing to rally. - Yeah. But you know when I first started earning trips my husband could never get the time. I earned a trip to Vegas was my first trip in fact we opened the Venetian Tupperware open to the Venetian that was their first café and he couldn't get the time off work. And one of my girlfriends met me in Vegas because we earn like the extra weekend. And then the next trip was New York. And again my husband couldn't get the time off and my sister went with me which was actually totally cool except for that - romantic river cruise. - Really? And then somehow he made the time for Cancun. But that's the big joke is that when you were in Cancun I can find a way to get that time but some of the places that are bad and again we’d never gone and because you're traveling in Tupperware. You can go like you know It's a tough city if you don't know what you're going to do with. Where do you begin? Right. Well Tupperware just takes care of that for you. We got this. You don't want to go on our trip because there’s no ample person. You know, the ample prospect. And so it was just over these years there's a couple of levels in my training cabinet with the goblets that you get. And that is a really powerful visual when you have leaders and you have a team member come by and you can say these are all from trips. My motto is because you know those goblets are - engraved with the trip that you were on. - Right. So I just I can't say enough about those experiences because they??. And then you come to a place like that's like I met so many people from Canada that I never would have met having on another trip because at a conference you don't necessarily meet new folks but you know to be able to sit down and really talk to Elizabeth. Actually that's where I met her. I don't remember. I don't remember what trip it was but I met a lot of Hispanic girls on that trip and it was so great because now every time I know what happens when I when my eyes meet hers we were both sitting at the table when we met or meet. You know I spent four hours together. So that's probably the best part of the trips that you expand your friends. - You know. A fun beyound. - Yeah. You know I said I was like do now our business leader retreats are huge. I mean they're not obviously going to trips but to get together with all this vision or region. We know each other. - Like, we really know each other. - Right. We know what our strengths and weaknesses are and each other's strengths and weaknesses are. But we just I never expected that when we started doing that where they said oh we're going to go for a couple days. We all kind of looked Asian. Well you know but this has been I don't know how we would have gotten as strong as we are without the support of all those business leaders that - come together two three times a year. - Right. And you know just every it and sharing is amazing. You know, because if we're doing something that works we don't just tell you about. We’re reading our papers, - here's our PowerPoint you have seen. - Yeah. You know everything that we can get laid on the table and that has been whoever came up with that idea, hats off that was smart so tell me about the relationships that you've developed? What’s the idea Tupperware TFFS? Oh my gosh. Well I have a lot of TFFS business leaders especially in fact recently one of my TFFS were invited to our networking group but she said and I was you know I felt like the new kid on the block I was like they did me you know let play with them. So that that is exciting when you realize you know like you you meet these people and you respect them so much and you appreciate them and then you feel appreciated too. Yeah. Right. Absolutely. So there's lots of that happening within business leaders and organization leaders. But on my team one of my first director (inaudible) was she was actually my dental hygienist And I worked out for her for literally two years,like its really hard to recruit somebody with their fingers in their mouth, you know - Yeah - but my kids had to get their teeth cleaned so I brought them you know, and I brought her in it took a few years before she wanted to get into leadership. But throughout that time really we just connected you know as women and we've been through a lot together. She and I in our personal lives and and my husband and I are godparents to our daughter. - Oh Wow! that's amazing. - Yeah. And she's just you know, I mean, I never would have that relationship with her as my dental hygienist Right. And there's so many more situations like that. Erica is a business leader promoted and she's you know she's from South Carolina. She is a born leader. She just was meant to be a business leader and you know relationships aren't always easy with women anyway. though Miles it was not an easy relationship. We both worked on that and now I would have never guessed ten years ago that I would have felt this close to her as I do now. You know it's a completely different experience than I thought it would be. And it's so exciting to have her have her own company. She just got one of the links. - Oh - yes. That was it was crazy. Then she told me about it and then she's like I made a total fool out of myself. And like yeah, That's what you do when you get one of those Trophes. I am so proud of you. I don't hit anybody with it. So yeah. Oh my gosh so many relationships. You know when you realize when you're making a cast list up for something and you're like oh my gosh, wao. They’re all tough working people, - oh yeah - pretty much. You know I have a large family, so there’s, you know But you know when you've been here 20 years. It does not your life is made up of Tupperware. Does your family you're like the Tupperware people. Well first of all they must think that everything's free because you know, My sisters will all come over and they'll be like I need that and I'm leaving with it. Just so you know. And the big joke is now they'll say can you get another one of these because you know sometimes we'll get something and you can't you know because it's just like one of the little chopper came out and it was called the little chopper years ago. No, no, no actually it was the pole cart up when that little chopper came out. So it’s now the little. The chop n prep. I would hide it when my sisters come over, I'd have to because I know them and they would be totally like “I need that”. But you know that that's a mega ball that out there. I said to my husband this is a new Walmart, when we do Christmas I'm going to put the ball out and I want to see how long it takes them to realize they don't own that bowl. He's like It looks just like the that's a ball. Oh OK. So I decided you know when you have the Italians or you have 35 people, you need the mega bowl. So I brought my boys and girls in it and I literally pulled it out of the cover, put it on the counter I started putting towels and now my sister is probably 40 feet away. My oldest sister, ‘I don't own that bowl. And that year I bought a bunch of those bowls just so that everybody could go home with those balls. Do they love them? I'm the trouble lady. Oh my goodness. You know my my kids you know they'll go to when they were younger they would go sleepovers and this time, and it doesn't have anything to put her cereal in. not everybody uses these. But we can help her. I told her I told her that we would get one. Dominique was in kindergarten. I went to conferences and the kindergarten lady, she just said Oh you're the Tupperware lady. And I remember thinking do I like you, alright. Right. Right. Because it was right at the beginning of the year and I had not yet infiltrated, you know, the kinder And she said no, no, no we had a funny thing we were doing snack time and Dominique stood up. and she had asked me, Dominique said to me, why do I use these little cups when everybody else uses baggies and I gave her the whole spiel on environment and how you know we were going to wash and use them again and how much waste we were saving and blurted out to her right the whole thing. - Well she did it. - No. Well that's what she did when she stood up and she said I want you to know that I use these snack cups and you know and we can reuse them and we can wash them. And if you don't have them that's OK because my mom's a Tupperware lady and she can get them free - for everybody. - Oh, - I was like, because you didn't get any calls did you? - oh gosh I am like no, I didn’t get any calls, she can get them free. - That's so sweet. - Yeah. Well speaking of products, tell me a little bit about a few of your favorites. You know it's tough to think. You know it is. It’s me something to tell you what I used the most, because, But let's face it it must be my favorite. Well I was a model at modular made junkie before I was a consultant. I had a consultant that worked close to where I worked when I was about toclose as an assistant. And she used to bring me up a catalog and I would buy modulars. I would say I need one for this this this and this. She would hook me up. Leave me another catalog never ask me to have a party, never asked me to be a consultant. Oh my goodness. Um, and I bought I mean I bought a shrine of my modular so much that when Wendy came to do my show she came in my side door and looked into my pantry and said Oh did you used to sell. And I said no I just really like those. So you couldn't take my modular because that would. I am afraid to, - We use as a stack cooker. - Yeah. I mean not even really as a stack cooker. It's just all the pieces individually, these are the rice maker. You know we just make so many things in that stack cooker and, so I always market that first and foremost as the jack of all trades. And then also oh by the way you can stack a meal to you know because they have to understand. Some some people don't want to learn how to cook again. They and some people feel like stack cooker is like learning how to cook again. Right. But if I can say what do you normally make for dinner?Makes a stuffed pepper chicken with chili you could do even that in here. You know you make roast chicken you can do it here. So to be able to market it that way that little chopping prep Chef are you kidding me. - Its good. - Oh my goodness. First ingredient pretty much for everything savory - in my house is garlic. - Yeah. So it going in there in right. And gosh it's just all Tupperware. It's so hard to say. - I know. - You. You look at our counter I mean everything down to the coffee maker I earned on some shopping thing every single thing in that kitchen. - Right. - is somehow connected to Tupperware the flatware, you know - Yeah, amazing. - And there's so many stuff. Yeah. But there’s one just thing, Oh that’s yes. That I will say because I think what I'm Prepping with, but you know that answers my capability for a large family. And so I learned every recipe was you know - 18 quarts to 20 quarts of whatever. - Alright. And so when I got married I had no intention of having that many children but I would still make those big recipes. Oh and now I have a 20 quart Tupperware pot right. And then I would freeze them. You know and that's wonderful because when you work nights primarily how. I don't know how we’d live without my [inaudible] You know before the grill and the pressure cooker and the smart steamer came out I would say at every party if they only let me show you one thing tonight it would be prep and serves because I couldn't live without these. But now there's so much other stuff happening right now the products are amazing. And it's another thing that I’d say at the beginning of the party. We try not to start with a nice story, because they’d be like that’s about me. And so you know you thanks your hostess you know genuinely thank your guests or being here I just try to give them that overview as someone That has been in Tupperware for over 20 years or so. And I tell you when I joined this business. We were primarily food company. We have the very best food storage on the planet still. But now we're only about 20 percent food storage and we have so much more. And you're going to see that you're super excited about it. And then as it goes then they're just kind of ready for you know I don't say it's about cooking because it's really not I mean if you make your party too much about cooking, then those women who don't cook say - I need an imperial cook… , to eat… - right right Because you think about it. So if you focus more on the prep and then of course. But look what we're going to put it you know. But if you want to go home and work out that I can live with that. But look at all the stuff we used to prep, you know what I am saying. So I don't know that product question. Well I don't know where to begin. No it was a great idea summary of what you use. So tell me why would you do something. You're probably your best piece of advice for somebody is looking to start their own Tupperware journey? We have a joke about the friend zone. - We use it differently. - Yeah. You know I would say to them you're going to start your business with your friends but you got to get out of the friend zone.. And so right away we're going to time. Yes I have a grand opening invite everybody you know if they're if they have a pulse they should Be in there and then make sure you're doing that personally because I’ll always think like a girlfriend. If your girlfriend posts something on Facebook whatever you may say it you may not, even if you do when she invites 500 people you're not too - concerned about whether you show up or not, right?. - Right. But so invite them personally because you know what. Then if you call your girlfriend, now step back, your girlfriend just called you and said hey I'm hosting next Thursday you know I really hope you can come. You know what. I want to back up on that because actually I'm a new consultant. If you call your girlfriend and invite her personally she's going to be much more serious. It's more genuine but as of a new consultant. If you've set up your grand opening rather than - call her, what’s her first name again? - Lexie So rather than calling you Lexie and saying Lexie I'm having a girl party next week I really hope you can come. What you really want is to do parties with your friends. That’s right. So you’re a host but you're also a consultant and on this you're - a consultant first. - Right. So what I'd like you to do is make that call and say Lexie I'm super excited. I just started with Tupperware. You can't believe the products that they have. So I'm wondering what do you think about having a few girls around the kitchen table. Because I would love to demonstrate some of these products make a you know, dinner or some snacks for you and some of the girls and you can get some free stuff and I'll get some practice. - Yeah. - Now if Lexie says yes to that. That's fantastic. We're going to book her any day after their grand opening party. You can book her the date after don't wait. But if Maxie says no then you're going to say you know what. I'm having everybody around Thursday. I’d love it if you could come,just come and see the products even if that party is not right for you I’d still love to demo for you and practice with you. Would that be ok? So you're going first for the party you're going in second for the attendance and if Lexie says yes I'll host. Say do you want a sneak peek because I'm having the girls around on Thursday. Right. So either way but as a new girl you really need to talk first about dating and next about coming to that girl party. And then also who do you know that you're just crazy about that would be really fun to have in a business with you because when you're working with somebody else it's so much better. And then I'll usually say I had a girlfriend that a few months in came into the business and she said to me I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. She was one of the people who said no to me. But we had so much fun. You know I met her in Lamaze class and to point that I really really really got to know her working side by side with her, so who do you know that you would love to work with. And you know just getting them right away thinking about getting those parties in that book who they want to partner with you know that whole thing. It's quiet in here. 717. OK, I got it, thank you. So that's that first and foremost um, you know focus on getting your parties and who do you want to partner with. And then the other thing is that understand that you're going to get Nos and that’s ok. - You know sometimes it's a no for now. - That’s right. Sometimes it's no forever. And so as soon as you get a no I want you to first ask. Listen I understand if this isn't a good time. So Lexie is that no for now. Is that no forever. Because a lot of times it is no for now. Sometimes it's you know I'm a tax person and I can't think past you know people right now sometimes you know the kitchen's getting torn up they're just super busy or whatever. And so then you can ask for permission to do it later with them. And sometimes it's a no forever and you can say to them listen it's not for everybody. - Right. - Who do you know that's a party girl? Because I'd love to get you a referral gift because that's how I came into the business right. - I mean I was the referral. So talking beyond - Right. the no and not taking that no personally - is so important. A And peanut butter - That's great advice. right. Whoever your manager is if I, you know who ever your director is, if you know Ever it is that your business leader is, make sure that you've got a strong connection with all of them. And I'll say this as a consultant call. if you're my personal new consultant if you're not calling me enough to apologize you're probably - not calling me enough. Because you're going to have - Right. questions and we expect that. So I promise you that if you are calling your manager, your recruiter you're whoever they're happy. Do not be afraid to call them for advice and keep all of our numbers because that way if you feel like you've called dropped too many times you can just call the next person in line, just call the next person in line, but call us. because we want to know you know and we want to help you through something. Right. The worst thing that can do is go out and start using words that aren't working and continue to use them and feel like they burn bridges right. We need them to stay connected to us so we can say what we did. How did you say. OK let's talk about the next person. Let's talk about what we might say with them - That’s great. - My voice is coming back a little bit. - I hear it. - I know, it’s exciting. Well, the great news is, that was all of my major questions. So if there is anything else that you want to share just wrap up feel free, if not. I think we got some really great stuff and I appreciate you. - OK thanks for this. All right. - Yeah of course.

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2019 - Jackie RABOLD

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