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0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) Tel. 03-5361666 The diaspora of Turkish Jewry continued about 1850 years It began with the Jews' expulsion from the Land of Israel by the Romans after the destruction of the Second Temple Some arrived in Spain and formed communities there. In 1492, the Jews were expelled from Spain, the majority of whom were absorbed in the Ottoman Empire. Turkish Jews immigrated to Israel in the early and difficulty days of the state primarily from Zionist motives. Its sons fought in the defense establishment and settlement of Israel. Eyal Peretz, Chairman My connection to Turkey is first of all - family; my father was born in Izmir, and immigrated to Israel in 1948 Ahron Sezal: Arkadas Member: : I immigrated in 1963 from Ankara Simha Albahari, Arkadas Member: I came from Istanbul; we immigrated in the sixties Yehoram Gaon, Presidency Member: All of these Jews, from the moment they were born had one big yearning to immigrate to Jerusalem and to Zion. The community populated and established settlements in Israel and fought in the wars. Yehud, for example Where we are now was an abandoned village which was settled by Turkish Jews What people wanted back in those days was a new heritage based on the Land of Israel and a new Israeli. And the rich culture that the Jews brought brought with them from Turkey was gradually erased. I happen to know Ladino We weren't allowed to speak another language we weren't allowed to cultivate another culture Yosi Ben-David, Meyor of Yehud: I felt that the culture and language of this important community which built this city and is an extremely important part of it is not being preserved When I was around 27 I tried to find out and learn a little about my roots culture, heritage, and then it became clear to me that there is a tremendous need for a community for organization to create social and cultural activity With time, I realized that it's important that we collect a lot of materials on this community community because it's dwindling, unfortunately And then Eyal came to me We designated a building and Eyal did a magnificent job We deal with helping new immigrants from Turkey We are engaged in the cultivation of the friendship between Israel and Turkey in all sorts of ways We mostly deal with the creation of Jewish social-cultural activity for immigrants from Turkey We conduct a Ladino choir and classroom taching of both Ladino and Turkish It was very important to me that the library of the association whose sole purpose is Turkish Jews would be named after my mother That I would donate the library and in the future, the books as well We are engaged in research and collection of materials and information about Turkish Jewry Books are being published and so is our newspaper This place is truly heartwarming to us Many people come here and that makes us happy The fact that such distinguished people come here brings honor to our city The fact that we are sitting inside a museum that there's a library there that cultural events attended by hundreds of people of people are held here is an extraordinary affair in itself but it isn't enough The Vision The new Turkish Jewish Heritage Center will serve as a crossroads of past and future a place that connects youth to heritage through values It is very important that our children can also come here A place that combines new technologies with an ancient tradition Classes will come to visit any day, any hour A place offering cultural events for the entire family and diverse educational programs So that our language and culture won't be lost; we desire continuity A place that preserves the life of the community and develops social life What remains for us to do is to find a donor who will want to be part of this important project the vision and the dream and to establish a proper Turkish Jewish center and put it where it deserves to be in the pages of history ! Classrooms Interactive museum Changing exhibits Rich extended library Conference room The New Turkish Jewish Center Between Roots and Wings

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Arkadas - The Turkish Jewish Community in Israel

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