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Welcome to the world-wide classroom "The Power of Kabbalah 2". Hi everybody, my name is Eitan and those of you who have been with us before, welcome back. Those of you who are here for the first time, attending the world-wide classroom, welcome. We'll have an opportunity to be exposed to the deeper study of Kabbalah. And we will go to the next level, hopefully all of you went already through some form of the "Kabbalah 1" course. So I´m excited again being with you today. And what is "The Power of Kabbalah 2"? What are we going to cover? What is the difference between the "Kabbalah 1" and the "Kabbalah 2" course? In "Kabbalah 1" we did learn the general Laws of the Universe. We´ve learned about the Light force of the Creator that is the source of all good. That´s the answer for everything to eliminate chaos, to improve our life, to help us personally and globally and collectively. And we've learned basic Universal Laws. One of them if I want the Light I need to act like the Light. As we´ve learned, every time I´m acting as a cause As the proactive and not as the effect or the reactive or the victim, I´m accessing the Light. We´ve learned as well every time I choose a mode of giving, and not just receiving for myself alone, I´m connecting to the Light. The higher the level of giving, more stretch in the level of giving, more connection to the Light in every aspect of our life. We´ve learned as well about the power of Certainty. That in our consciousness we can choose Certainty versus Uncertainty. Doubting the Light versus not. Doubting Cause and Effect versus Uncertainty of the Laws of Cause and Effect. So those are basic tools that we´ve learned in "Kabbalah 1", but we did not get yet deep to identify our personal Tikkun, and that´s what "Kabbalah 2" really is dedicated to, to help us to get deeper into understanding the Laws of the Universe and more specifically to help each one of us after every session to identify our personal Tikkun, not just general Universal Laws those Laws that will affect us personally because each one of us have a different Tikkun, different issues, different tasks, different reason why we came down to this world. So that is the purpose of the "Kabbalah 2" course. Each class, we'll be able to identify for ourselves, and hopefully you´ll be able to write it down for yourself, like create a kind of a journal for yourself, of "what is my specific Tikkun that I'm going to work on?" So that´s what "Kabbalah 2" is about. Now..... Rav Ashlag, the Founder of the Kabbalah Centre, 1922, said in his book 'Gift of the Bible', that what is the difference between more evolved persons than less evolved persons spiritually? And, the answer is one thing: The more a person identifies that evil within, and I´ll explain what it means, it´s an indication that he´s more evolved and more connected. Less ability to identify the evil within indicates about lower level of consciousness. It means, the more I can see the garbage within it is an indication I am more connected. Less garbage I see within myself, I am less connected. Seems to be strange, if I´m more connected, it seems to be that I will have less garbage. Isn´t it? The key is, we all need to understand that we came down to this world for the purpose of eliminating the Tikkun, the filth, the garbage, the Desire to Receive for Oneself Alone, the blockages, the areas of selfishness, the areas of Egos. We all came for that purpose. Now we all have it within us, when a person is not evolved, what make him not evolve is not being aware that he has garbage and filth, he thinks he's a pretty good guy. And maybe relative to where his consciousness is maybe he is a pretty good guy but he does not see the layers of filth, of "klipot", of negativity, of shells of blockages that he has. And the more evolved we are we are able to see more the blockages within. Ask yourself a simple question: before you studied Kabbalah comparing to after you went through at least the first course of Kabbalah, and the basic books of Kabbalah do you see less or more issues within yourself? Are you aware of less issues or more issues, or more garbage, or more negativity within yourself? You will admit and agree that because we study and expand our awareness, actually we see more filth within us. And the Rav Ashlag example is when you are just in a bright room, which is a ... you can see beautifully in the room and actually the room looks pretty clean if you look at the air but the amazing thing is to take a flashlight in the middle just to enlighten the room in that areas of the rays of the flashlight will lit you will see dust. Paradox! More Light - more dust. So the concept of Kabbalah is the more Light I bring to my system to my soul, to my body, to my being, to my essence the more equipped I will be to see my issues to see my limitation to see my blockages. Is it a bad thing to see my blockages? Rav Ashlag continues and shares that actually at a moment that we are able to identify our Tikkun, our garbage, our actual Desire to Receive for Oneself Alone, our root of our negativity, at the moment that we are able to identify it in a real sense, which I will define, it is considered as... Gone! So the real spiritual work is really to bring enough Light to our life and as a result will be able to recognize and identify our negativity to a degree, where I´m disgusted by it, not by me, by that specific negativity. When I´m reaching a level, I am disgusted, when I´m reaching a level, I truly dislike that negativity and do not derive any pleasure from it for example: after months of trying to transform myself by using tools to bring Light to realize, becoming more Being of Sharing becoming less reactive and to start to looking within I´m starting to realize that I have a major ego that whenever I´m helping my friends I need their thanks and their appreciation and before I go I'm just feeling good about my action of giving but later on I started to realize I´m actually filled with my ego, every time they do not appreciate me I actually regret the fact that I've done I made that good action and good gesture. So sometime I started to realize that ego is such a Desire for Oneself Alone it is actually a blockage and I don´t want it in my life because that is what truly separates me from the Light and I´m starting to develop a dislike for that particular ego. When I´m reaching a level, I truly dislike that ego. When I´m reaching a level, I can´t stand it and it doesn´t bring me any pleasure, that ego will be removed. So what is really the essence of our spiritual work in this world? The essence of the spiritual work is to eliminate what´s stopping us to connect with the Light of the Creator. What´s stopping us to connect with Light of the Creator? Various levels of egos or Desire to Receive for Oneself Alone which often manifests itself as hidden agendas or hidden selfishness or hidden egos. And what will help me to remove that blockage between me and the Light which is my ego, my self-centeredness, my selfishness, is identifying it and being able to develop a dislike towards it. And when I reach a level where I truly dislike it, I get rid of it and I just get rid of a layer of negativity and it´s truly freeing me to bring more Light into my life more blessings into my life, less chaos into my life. And at the same time I´m ready to conquer and to tackle the next level and the next layers of issues of blockages of negativity. Now, does it mean I need to always live in the misery of my bad stuff coming up? That´s not how the Kabbalists look at this. Unfortunately in our society we are trained to not like ourselves whenever I´m realizing there is some garbage within me. We are trained and we are conditioned to feel that I´m ashamed whenever I have a little issue whenever there´s ego, whenever there´s some lying or deceit to any aspect of negativity within me. But actually that is the purpose of life, to eliminate the ego. And we all have the ego, we all have the Desire to Receive for Oneself Alone. So the fact that I recognize there is a layer of negativity within me instead of going based on the usual reactive nature to dislike me as a human being because I have just realized I have jealousy. I need to develop even extra love towards myself, because I´m just connecting to the purpose of life. Which is the ability to recognize and to eliminate that garbage and help me to connect even closer to the Creator. I´m not here just to feel good about myself every second. I´m not here just to say I´m a good guy and everything is ok. Spirituality means to really have a true desire to eliminate my filth. And I want to search for it and to and to look for it, and I´m not afraid to look for it. That´s my real daily desire. And if not? What am I doing in this world? Saving the world? It´s not real, we came into this world for personal transformation. It means my biggest desire should be "I want to see where you're hiding, my little Satan". I want to see where that ego is hiding. Where that Tikkun is hiding. Where the blockage is hiding. So all the basic thing about growing in this world, and desire for spirituality, is how strong is my desire to want to see my garbage. Even though it means I need to change which is painful, even though it means my ego doesn´t like to admit my garbage which is painful. But that´s what makes us truly spiritual not the fact that I´m interested in mystical matters, the fact that I know that I came to this world to change and it doesn´t matter how great I am. The reason that I am even sitting or standing in front of you today, because through Sharing is another way that I can bring Light, to help me to eliminate another layer of ego within myself. That is true desire, and there´s a story, a beautiful story that you can find in the book "72 Names of God" by Yehuda Berg. about the 10 thieves. About the Kabbalist named Baal Shem Tov. That a neighbor came to him and asked him can you please pray for the healing of my son? He is really dying, so the Kabbalist Baal Shem Tov tried his best and told him I´m so sorry but our group cannot do much for your son. We tried but the Gates of Heaven are closed we tried to channel healing. But there is one thing we can do. If you can get me 10 thieves really, the worst ones, to my house maybe with them we can do something for your son. So the guy said, "thieves? How can thieves help my son?" I understand a Kabbalist is somebody with the power to pray. He said: Don´t worry, just bring them. He brought these 10 thieves. They join with Baal Shem Tov and after half an hour of praying for his son, Baal Shem Tov the Kabbalist, told the neighbor your son will be cured in a very short time. And it truly happened. And he asked Baal Shem Tov What happened? How come thieves could do what your best students couldn´t do? So the Baal Shem Tov answered, "Don't you get it? Thieves are able to open and to break any lock." What is the moral of the story? The moral of the story is, that at the moment that we admit our faults, at the moment we admit to ourselves and maybe to others and to the Creator our issues, our blockages, our egos, our imperfections. Being a thief at the moment we admit it, that admission by itself; breaking a lock, opening the gate between us and the Light of the Creator. So the fact that I´m recognizing him, not fighting him I´m accepting him. The fact that I have an issue, I have blockage, I have negativity, is by itself opening a gate between me and the Light of the Creator. The same way that thieves were able to open the gates which others couldn´t. So pretending to be righteous and spiritual that´s not spirituality, willing to admit every day and looking and searching for my next level of faults, of blockages, that´s a spiritual path. That´s the essential ingredients in the growth. Now what´s the difference between what we studied in Kabbalah 1 to Kabbalah 2 as far as recognizing the fault? The difference is in Kabbalah 1 we've learned that the Reactive Nature is destructive. So let's speak about a guy that has a major anger issue every time his partner is coming up with his ideas and trying to take over and trying to be forceful about some moves in business. It drives him crazy, doesn´t know what but that partner drives him crazy with his enthusiasm and his ego trips or whatever he perceives. So we learned in Kabbalah 1, I need to restrict my anger. It´s not the right thing, be Proactive, don´t be Reactive, great. But in Kabbalah 2, you realize there´s a reason why it keeps aggravating me. There´s something about my own filth, my own Tikkun, my own issues that keep attracting that particular anger issue in my life. It is not my partner, it is something within me. And then as you dig within, you realize he has a major ego around control! And every time somebody in his life tried to take control over his situations, his position he can´t stand it! That´s the filth! The anger is the extension, it´s not the Cause, it´s the Effect. So we are talking about recognizing my Tikkun is recognizing blockages that will cause many types of reactions in my life, many types of emotions. Like a person might have a major Tikkun with not receiving recognition. So every time you catch yourself sad it´s not just to restrict the sadness, you need to recognize what´s my Tikkun? How come again I don´t have a good mood after I´ve done something great? What happened?! Then I´m realizing every time I´m not recognized for my great goodness and positivity and accomplishment I´m shutting down because I have a major Tikkun and Desire for Oneself Alone for that need to receive recognition. So Tikkun is the underneath negativity or blockage or selfishness or ego that is causing all the other reactions in our life. Tikkun you just don´t get rid of by saying...Restrict! You don´t get rid of it, maybe you get rid of immediate reactive nature. Tikkun you need gradually, gradually to identify, to search, to look, and it´s a gradual process to develop - Wow! I can´t stand it anymore! When we reach a deep level of seeing it so clearly, searching for it we will be able to get rid of it. So, now the question is, does it mean all day long we should, you know, analyze our mind, and our Tikkun all day long, seeking and sitting and thinking about what´s my Tikkun here? What is my issue here? What´s my real deep Tikkun reactive nature here? So here is the way that the Kabbalist suggest to do it. If I sit all day long and think about what is my Tikkun, I´ll be self-absorbed. And it´s another way to express selfishness, because I´m just thinking about myself all day long. So what the Kabbalah is saying? The Kabbalah is saying that to in order to be able to truly to see clearly my Tikkun I need the Light of God to help me to see. My IQ, my mind most of the time will be manipulated by Satan himself, he will never let me see the actual Tikkun. So what the Kabbalist is saying is that the spiritual world is divided into two areas. Number one: what tools can I do to bring Light into the world and into my life? Number two: Through this Light I would love to see my Tikkun and my garbage, my issues. For example: I would love to spend time giving, giving, giving outside of myself to effect and to improve people's lives. In a higher level, "Why am I doing it?" Number one, to help and to spread Light and goodness. But in a basic level about myself, to reveal Light to myself, and what would the Light help me to do? To help me to recognize my garbage within. So it´s not to look all day long at what is my garbage? I need to do actions that will bring Light into my life and as a result it will help me to see my garbage I need to focus on two things in life. Action that will reveal Light and we´ve learned actions of giving and reveal Light actions of restriction reveal Light, studying Kabbalah reveal Light. Some of you learned about the power of scanning the Zohar, on which we'll spend more time, reveal Light and later on I need to look within, how this Light helped me to see the garbage within. So it´s not that I will focus all day long on what´s wrong with me? I need to focus in one end in revealing Light in my life and in the world and, as a result, looking within back and forth, back and forth. For example, how now, my intention now is to spread the Light of Kabbalah in the Kabbalah 2 course, give you tools to improve yourself, to improve your life, to diminish your reactive nature, to help you in your Tikkun, to help to spread Light in world. But, as well I know, because I´m doing it later on, at night, before going to sleep, I´ll have more Light, more tools to be able to look within to see, what is my next level of ego? What's my next level of need for recognition from other people? But if I would not do actions that bring Light into my life I would never see anything new, or if I see, Satan will let me see what he wants me to see. So the spiritual work divides in two things: Actions that bring Light into my life; and number two: ways to recognize, which help me to recognize the evil within. The negativity within, the next layer, to identify who I am really? So it´s not just all day long looking at myself and not just to all day long doing action to reveal Light and not looking within and ask deep questions, why have I attracted these patterns into my life? So that concept of the desire to identify our Tikkun we need to spend at least once a day and the best time to do it is before going to sleep to truly search for our Tikkun. To truly search within, what have I learned today? Look at all the issues of the day, after all day you try to do as many positive actions, as many actions that will reveal Light, as many restrictions, as many actions of giving, as many spiritual connections and meditation and praying and Zohar connections, you've tried your best! But at the end of the day, that´s the time look within: What are my issues? Why I kept attracting patterns? What can I learn about today to do differently tomorrow? Wow! I've just recognized a new type of ego. I´ve just recognized I truly don´t care about that person, that I´m always feeling a victim, saying, I´m giving you so much. I truly don´t care about him. So I need to spend my 5 to 10 minutes a day, the rest of the day just do action to reveal Light, but 5 to 10 minutes a day to truly search for what I need to change within me, that´s the essence of Kabbalah. Change, change and change. If I don´t have desire to change, and it means desire to see the new level layers of negativity, I´ll never change I'll just be that spiritual guy and do some nice action trying my best and being the same human being, that´s not a purpose, it´s a waste of time, and you are wasting your time if that´s the goal, to truly eliminate chaos from my life and from the entire world I need to be a different human being. To be a different human being I need to recognize and to dislike the next layer of negativity within me. And that´s the only way I´ll be able to change. So the best time, the Kabbalists suggest to do it is before going to sleep. It is so simple, but because it is so simple, Satan and the opponent will not let us have such an easy time to truly dedicate time for years and years! 5 minutes of every night before going to sleep, and it´s so easy to fall into the trap of the habitual spiritual path without stopping and asking: what´s my lesson? And unfortunately, when we don´t stop proactively every day, we'll have to stop through pain and suffering. So the first part of our lecture: the whole concept of desire to see the filth within. Not just not to be reactive today, because we always have filth, we always have layers of negativity. I want to see the next one, that´s one of the goals of the day. Light, please help me to see my next level of Tikkun of issues today. With excitement and happiness, and I´m not going to hate myself from saying it, actually I love myself because God created me with a baggage of both the good and the layers of negativity. And it´s ok. By seeing it, I can recognize it and get rid of it. So that´s the first part of the session. Second part, we are getting a little deeper. And we will talk a little about the concept of pain, discomfort, suffering and really, what´s happening in our soul when we talk about negativity. What´s the system? What's the mechanics within? Every time, Kabbalistically, we are..... committing negativity reactivity, ego behavior, selfish behavior, hurting another human being, acting without human dignity, saying words which are hurtful or lying or dwelling in sadness, it´s all expressions of negative energy. Now, there's one source of energy, the Light force of God. It´s the One generator, but the Light can manifest itself as amazing Light and blissful Light and positive energy in our soul. But if I am acting negatively, based on the various examples I shared, what happened to that energy that I drew? Where does it go? So here the Zohar teaches us about another concept called "Klipot". It´s an ancient Aramaic word which means in English: shells. Blockages. Each one of us possesses these negative forces from past lifetimes and you from this lifetime. It's like parasites; metaphysical negative forces that exist within each one of us. Every time we commit a negative action, we're drawing the Light of God. It's always the source of everything, That Light of God, instead of feeding our soul feeding those parasites within us, feeding those Klipot, those shells within us, and empowering the Dark Forces in our system. Really empowering, so every time I'm reactive, every time I'm geared and led by my Tikkun, my egos, it's not just I've done a mistake and I'm sorry, I gave more power to my negativity. I gave more power to that Dark Force within me, and that Dark Force becomes a shell around my soul. That Dark Force makes me less clear. More dense, less sensitive, more reactive, more fearful, phobias, disconnection, being sure that I'm seeing the right thing but actually I'm seeing total illusion. Where does this deception come from? From our system called Klipot and Shells. Every time I'm committing negativity, I'm feeding those negative forces, and those negative forces become fog in my life, fear in my life, negativity in my life, and they're owning my mind and my emotion. So basically, the Light force of God is the source of all good. Of all energy, and every time I'm acting with the Desire to Receive for the Sake of Sharing, I'm fulfilling my soul and making me more open, destroying Dark Forces in myself. More connecting, eliminate chaos. Every time I'm acting negatively, I'm empowering, I'm feeding those Dark Forces within me that are waiting to be fed and those Dark Forces become in control over my life more. And make me do negative action, make me blind about the people around me, make me blind about my emotions, And I have emotions that I'm sure it's the real me, no it's not the real me, it's not the real soul it's my illusionary me. Those Klipot or those shells often exist in our life for many many years. Maybe 200 years, many lifetimes, that I fed negativity and I'm carrying those Klipot within me. And that's the Tikkun the correction we came to do in this world. It's not just, "You know, I came to correct negativity". No! There is Light of God that is captured and owned by a negative Force within me and my purpose in life is to unlock that Light to bring it back to the soul and to destroy that negative force that exists within me. So, these Dark Forces with are causing personal negativity and global negativity in the entire world. So our Tikkun is really to eliminate that Klipot, those shells. And how do we do it? First we need to know that every areas that we have unexplainable fears in our life, it is indicating that my Klipot, my negative Dark Forces are owning me in that area in my life. In the area of prosperity, in the area of money, what's going to be? In the area or health, in the area of what people think of me, in the area of perception, we all have areas of fears, unexplainable fears. In other areas we are totally clear things will be good. Why these fears? Because it's not my soul perceiving a situation, my Klipot and Dark Force are in control in that particular area. That is an indication that I have a major Tikkun to overcome. So, to explain it deeper, our mind, our emotions, the reason why often the perceived, twisted picture of reality, The reason why I have unexplainable fears and reaction toward somebody, or the reason why I can't stand certain situations, or why I can't stand dealing with details, or I can't stand to have patience, or I can't stand just looking at myself. Or I can't stand hearing someone say, "great lesson" and positive criticism about me. Something that would really help me. It's not because my soul doesn't love those moments, my soul loves it. But in that particular area, I have a different personality, not my soul personality. It's my garbage personality that's seeing and feeling reality. And I think the real me hates this moment. But, actually it's not the real me that hates this moment. It's the illusionary me, it's the ego me, it's the Klipot me, it's the shell me. Our purpose is to create total change! That is not I'm not going to be this way anymore. That my emotions will not be ruled by my Dark Force. My mind will not see things in such a twisted way. Imagine you are shy to be around certain people. That shyness, where does it come from? Does it come really from my soul? Is my soul truly shy to be around people you can share and open up and receive? So where does shyness come? Of course from my Klipot, from my shells. Now, I need to understand it's not the real me that is shy. We need to first identify: There's two me. There's the Klipot me, the shells me, the limited me, And it feels me, it feels it's real me this pain that I'm going through. Dislike toward other people, that anger. That victim that I'm feeling, that poor me that I'm feeling. The soul never feels a victim. The soul feels everything is a blessing. but it feels like I am really feeling horrible toward other people that's the real feelings of me! What's the definition of me? What is the definition of me? There's two types of me. There's the soul me and there's the Klipot me. We need to understand it. We need to gradually develop the ability to recognize the difference between the real me and the illusionary me. So, true Tikkun is to transform the illusionary me and to reconnect to the real me. How do we do it? How do we get rid of those shells of those Klipot, of those forces? We fed with energy for many lifetimes and from this lifetime, in our own mind. and causes us to feel a certain way. causing us to react over and over. And causes us to be so afraid and to have phobias around things. How do we truly deal with those Klipot? Those Dark Forces that are blocking us? And it's not just "ehhh the little test". It's repetitive force that's blinding me. What do we do about it? How do we reconnect to the real me? I want to introduce the Concept of Pain, the Concept of Pain And how it's connected to the concept of Klipot. Again, it's a deep concept... I will not ask you to get it right away, maybe watching again on the internet.. the session will help you to get it. Maybe reading the book, The Secret will help you to get it as well. What is the Concept of Pain? The Light of God is an infinite force of goodness, of ease, of fulfillment, of joy, of tranquility. It is not a force of pain. So, how come we perceive pain? Physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain. How come? God is infinitely good and I'm experiencing pain. Because between my soul which has tremendous desire to receive the goodness and the blessings of the Creator, and God, there is something in us called the Klipot, the shells. So, whenever I'm experiencing pain, it is not that that situation is truly painful. It's my perception it is painful. And the reason in my perception it is painful, because in this moment, the part of me that is perceiving that situation is not my real soul. It is my Klipot, my shells, my illusionary forces that I fed that owns my mind and my emotion. "What are you talking about? " you can say. Sometimes there is a real pain. But think about it. The same way you go into the gym and initially it's very painful and later, it's not, how come? After you exercise again and again, you love it. You get energy from it. You get high from it, how come? Because to our temporary, limited Klipot, shells part, initially, we can't stand the effort. But as you overcome it and you don't listen to it, and you listen to the true essence of your body, that wants to be healthier, then eventually you enjoy that experience that just a month ago, was a bad experience! Now it is a good experience. So, this is a simple example how actually pain is subjective. How can you say this about, heart break? And I'm not going to talk about death now. Let's leave those examples. We'll talk about it in another course. But how can you speak about

heart break or truly physical pain that any human being would feel pain from it? You know I've seen a couple. The husband had a MAJOR knee problem, he could never stand more than 15 minutes straight. But every time he goes to Vegas, he is 14 hours straight, standing. Doesn't think about his knee, how come?! How come he doesn't feel pain suddenly? Again, is his pain real or is it perception? Kabbalistically, Everything, potentially, to our soul, every experience is a blessing. Pain is a wakeup call to tell me - Hello, there's a lesson here, there's a blockage here that you need to overcome. And I don't want us to take, of course we need to live in two realms, and I don't want us to take like in a crazy statement, so "All pain is an illusion and forget about it and that's what Kabbalah saying", NO! Of course we need to treat the 1%. Of course when you have certain pain, you do need to go to the doctor. But we need to realize that every time I am going through pain, it is indication that the Klipot the shells, are blocking me right now. Even though in a 1% level I do need to work, to fix it, to make it better, to solve the problem, because we don't want pain in our life. But I'm saying where should my consciousness be? Feeling that the pain is the worst thing that's happening to me and running away from it trying to find a solution being so reactive about it? Or as the Kabbalist will tell us and one of the statements of the Rav Berg is: If you really realize, our goal in life to eliminate negativity, our goal in life to eliminate Klipot, every time I'm experiencing pain, the deeper thing that's truly happening is my Klipot, the shells, don't want that energy. It's the energy of God that's coming to my life and wants to break through my negativity, my Klipot my shells, and my Klipot resisted because they know they are about to die and be destroyed! So, they make me feel reactive and hate that pain and run away from this pain. So, one of the most powerful tools to remove Klipot and blockages, every time I'm going through pain, in spite of the fact I'm trying to fix it and to solve it, but in my consciousness, first I need to go ....... give it to me. I love it. Embrace it. But it's painful! It's less painful my friends, when you're reacting to it you give more power to the pain. The fact that you say, even to a headache.. "give it to me. Give me more." It's not pain it's the Light wants to penetrate through my garbage and blockages, and my Klipot wants to run away from it. But actually, when I'm saying give it to me, I'm saying "this is Light!" My Klipot is saying no, soul loves it because my soul knows it's opportunity to break my shells by not listening to it! Because, how do I break my Klipot? How to I break and not give energy to my shells? Every time I'm not listening to them, I'm not feeding them. They want me to run away. They want me to scream. They want me to yell. They want me to push away that bad experience! But by me not listening to them and saying "give it to me" in spite of all my reactive painful parts, screaming from that pain. Going against it. Give it to me! I love it. And even though it's painful, number one: it will be less painful. Number two: what we're truly doing in this moment, we're breaking our shells and our negativity, gradually. We're really opening us up. To eliminate deep layers of negativity and we will see the difference in the miracles. Every time, you face painful or uncomfortable situations, with approach as, "I love it, give it to me" even though I don't, but my soul does love it. My soul knows it's opportunity. Somebody's criticizing you. You want to react, you want to answer, you stop and say "Wow, I love it... opportunity to break the Klipot." But he's lying now! Even if he's lying for you. The fact that you so disliked that experience, Who is disliking it? The soul LOVES experience, the soul LOVES the challenge to destroy the ego. By me deep inside telling myself, "I love it! welcome it. You have a headache? You need to take maybe a pill, you need to take care of it. But first instant, my consciousness, instead of running away saying the worst thing in the world, "bring it to me." Welcome it in the same way you will welcome the challenge in the gym. In the same way a woman who gives birth welcomes it and uses the pain to bring a huge blessing to her life, we would like to use those pains to welcome, to bring huge blessings to our life. And that's a totally new concept: welcoming the uncomfortable, welcoming the pain. It's a tool to break negativity. It's a tool to speed up the process of truly recognizing myself. It's truly the tool to break my Tikkun. Every time I'm afraid to do something and I've decided to go against it, even though all my being is screaming, I need to understand that the part of me that is screaming is my Klipot. By me facing the fear of talking to somebody, facing the fear of confronting somebody, facing the discomfort of asking somebody for help, facing the fear of asking somebody can you please tell me what do you think is wrong with me? "I would love to hear it! " Facing that fear, and it's painful, and it's the last thing you want to talk about, by doing it, we're actually listening to our soul we're not listening to our Satan. Any physical pain that we have, we call it in Kabbalah... it is a cleansing process. For what? Cleansing means clearing our shells, our Klipot. If I complain about it, it's adding more energy to my Klipot. If I'm saying, "you know what, it happened already!" Welcome it! I'm going through cleansing and it's good for me. "But I can't stand it!" It's cleansing. "I lost money! It's horrible! What am I going to do? "You will take care of what to do. You will be proactive in a minute. Let's find solutions. But meanwhile, instead of complaining about it, saying "you know what, give it to me, I'm cleansing, removing my ego from not being strong enough financially, and not being able to provide, and other reasons! The fact that the pain is already there, instead of fighting it, welcome it and of course I'll try to find a solution in the 1% but the initial consciousness, that's what I'm talking about, How do I perceive it? As a cleanser? as a Light? As a removing Klipot? or as the worst thing in my life? It is a huge blessing. My Klipot can't stand it. My soul loves that experience. There's two types of discomfort there's two types of pain that can be a tool to overcome and break Klipot, shells and patterns of Tikkun. There's those pains that comes at me. Financial pain emotional pain, physical pain, mental pain, fear is pain. Comes at me in unexpected ways. And there are those that I'm initiating, risking, jumping against my fear. Helping people when it's very uncomfortable. Choosing commitment! In spite of my need for freedom! Which is illusionary freedom because usually... I need freedom, I cannot commit, let me think about it. Maybe in 2 years, maybe later, not now. What are the usual fears of commitment that come to us when we have Tikkun with it. It comes from my- Who wants freedom? My body wants freedom, my Klipot want's freedom. My shells want freedom. My illusionary part wants the freedom. That is the problem! My soul loves the commitment, I know through this I'm connecting to the Light. To me, to the world, to everybody! So, that need for freedom. That need to be attached to nothing, not committed to any charity, to any person... I'll try my best! I'll try, I'll get nowhere in life. So, the fact I'm jumping toward commitment, if it's painful initially, it's painful for my Klipot. It's important to bring pain to my Klipot. You're starving them this way. They have no energy, you're removing layers. When you're a great tennis player you're number 200 in the world. And the tennis expert comes to you and tells you, Listen guy, in order to really be the first 10, ranked in the first 10 best players in the world you do need to change the way you serve. So, the guy says, "I'm willing to go through it" and he's changing the style of serve how do you think he will feel at the beginning? Horrible! Initially, he will not feel comfortable. Initially he will feel he's a loser. He will lose actually many games at the beginning. But he knows the limited old part of me that wants to hold onto the chaos and the limitation feels horrible. The new part, the soul, the rejuvenate, the more motivated, the big picture part of me LOVES it! So I go through initial pain but eventually I win number 10! Or less, in the world. Change means it's the initial period of being out of control. Change means this initial period in the unknown. And we can't stand it. Because our shells our Satan our Klipot wants to control everything. To hold onto everything. I don't want to go through the period of pain. I don't want to go through the period of the unknown. But that period of the unknown is the best period. That period of the unknown is when my Satan, my Klipot, my shells, my limited way of thinking blocking me and wants back the control. But that's the time I fly and I'm carried by the wings of the Light of the Creator. Every time I'm facing my fear. I'm facing my unknown. I'm facing the difficulty. In spite of the fact I'm in a very unknown reality. And I don't know when it will come. That's the time to inject certainty. I like it! The problem is we perceive pain and discomfort as "bad stuff". Kabbalah teaches: pain and discomfort is not bad stuff, it's temporary pain and discomfort to help me to get long term fulfillment. I have to go through it. At the entrance of every true blessing, I have to go through pain and fulfillment. But it's temporary pain and fulfillment that will ensure long term blessings. Unlike running away from pain and then experiencing long term pain. So, the goal is not I want more pain, I want less pain in my life. I have to face the temporary one in order to accomplish long term. What I would like to do now. I would like to read you a list of uncomfortable situations and uncomfortable painful choices, for the purpose that each one of you will be able to pick at least two off this list that are relating to your Tikkun. For example, I will say it is uncomfortable for you to confront others when you need to. So, if it resonates with you and, yes you know what? It's part of my Tikkun, it's uncomfortable for me. You need to write it down and to check it out as it's one of your Tikkuns. So I'm going to list around 20 of those, I wish that each one of you at least will write the two which are the most relating to you, the most uncomfortable for you. Which is indicating it's your Tikkun. Then I will give you homework with it. So, you need to identify in this list what's relating to your personal Tikkun. What is really uncomfortable for you. What will help you to face it and confront it and break your Klipot. Because without the discomfort, I'll never break my Klipot. If I do only what's comfortable for me, that's not spirituality, I'll be the same person ruled by my shells and negativity for many lifetimes. If I want to change, to eliminate negative garbage, I need to starve them to death and initially it is painful. You ready? Great. It's uncomfortable to confront others when you need to. It's uncomfortable for you to ask for help. It's uncomfortable for you to be generous. Physically, with things, with money, with time, with emotions, with compassion. Different types of generosity. It's uncomfortable for you to commit. To make a commitment to something deep inside you know you should. It's uncomfortable for you to face your fear, but I want to be specific, what fears? It's uncomfortable for you to open up. To other people, that's one fear. It's uncomfortable for you not to receive credit for what you've done. It's uncomfortable for you to ask somebody to truly tell you what he truly feels about you when you know that he might have a lot of criticism towards you. It's uncomfortable for you to work in a team work because you have a control issue. To trust somebody else, it's uncomfortable for you. It's uncomfortable for you to shut up when you have such a desire to bad mouth somebody. It means you have a tendency to speak bad about other people because you get energy from it. So, it's uncomfortable for you to really shut up. It's uncomfortable for you to pray for somebody because your ego might be "less than". So it's uncomfortable for you to pray for somebody and to give them respect and power. For ego reasons. It's uncomfortable for you to truly be happy for somebody and to show it. Let me give to you some more. It is uncomfortable for you let people tell you what to do. it means it's uncomfortable for you around authority. Sometimes, we do need, if it's your Tikkun. It drives you crazy. It makes you out of control. You can't stand it. It's uncomfortable for you to let people make mistakes. You want to control them, fix it, show them right away. You don't have the patience to allow them to grow. It's uncomfortable for you to truly care about other people. To really spend the energy and the time to feel what they are going through. You don't have patience for this. It's not part of the way you think and feel. It's uncomfortable for you to express emotions. It's uncomfortable for you to admit your flaws. To other people. Now, what I would like each one of you to at least focus in two of those discomforts. And within the next coming week, what I would like you to do is every night before going to sleep and every morning. To be able to focus about the first thing we spoke about this class, I really want to change. I want to see my blockages, I want to see my garbage. I want to see my filth, I want to overcome it. And, specifically, make the effort during the day. Inject the focus at night and in the morning, but make the effort during the day. And commit yourself to face those areas of discomfort. For the purpose of destroying and breaking those shells, those blockages that put us in prison, in the prison of our 1%, the prison of my ego, the prison of our fears, the prison of such illusionary reality that we think that's what life really is about. There is such a bigger universe out there. So that's what I would like each one of you to do. I would recommend... I spoke today from the first part of the book The Secret Many of you heard about it, to read it again. Also, this is a very deep subject that I would recommend very much to ask your friends and coaches and teachers in student support specific questions on how to help you now. I would like to open this period for questions. If you're constantly trying to change. So, when we accomplish a time that we are happy with who we are and we're satisfied, how do we balance that concept of being happy with who I am and at the same time changing? So the answer is that true change and true transformation are happening through happiness. If I'll be happy only after I change, I'll never be happy because there's always more layers of change. Actually, happiness and being happy with myself in spite of things that I need to change, it's an essential tool. I need to reach that level of Peace. The fact that I'm in a path of wanting to change myself should make me feel happy with me. Because the fact I have a goal to change, I mean the process of change, I need to be so thankful the Creator gave me this Wisdom and ability to see what's my purpose in life. I need to be thankful for the good and even for the things I need to change within myself. And not wait to change only and wait to be happy only after I will change. So, there is a necessity to be joyful and appreciative and happy with myself in the midst of that process. If not, it will only be a conditional type of happiness. How do I deal with being attacked from people who cannot handle the way I'm changing and behaving, especially recently after we have a new consciousness about dealing with life. I always recommend, you know students and based on my own personal experiences that judging people for not accepting and not handling my energy and behavior is not going to help. I need to really have tolerance towards other people. Because that's, by itself, as well, it's a test. And it's an opportunity. It means that, you know, close people in my life that are attacking me, there's different reasons to it. One of the reason is they simply cannot handle my energy and the way I am. Another reason: they feel deep inside subconsciously it means they might need to change as well. But, I need to be above it and really saying, I need to give them the space to digest it. I'm not going to react to their reaction. I'm not going to be so intolerant to their reaction, because who knows how I would react two years ago." So, the fact that I'm more understanding of their insecurity and not necessarily answering or solving their problem or try to prove to them that I am better, and my new behavior is better. It is essentially simply the fact that you have tolerance towards them and to understand their reaction comes from some level of insecurity. Don't judge them for this. The fact that you know it deep inside, it will help you. Number two: it is very possible that some of the behavior, especially as new students, we're extreme with them. Some of our changes, we are too overwhelming. In a way, we are sensitive to other people. It is possible that I need to be more subtle. It is possible that I'm a little bit too much in their face. Too much showing off in my changes and confrontations and commitments and the way I'm different today. It is possible that I'm like this. But something I would recommend, always imagine yourself, you know what? Imagine I would be them. Being in their shoes. How would I perceive that person that he's changing and behaving differently? So, the fact: number one you don't take it personally and you try to be sensitive and tolerant to where they're coming from. You know they're coming from some insecurity and it's their Klipot being irritated and it's not their real soul and try to find ways to penetrate and act differently, that will help. Thank you Lucy for this question. How to deal with a loved one who is dying? Of course, I'm not here to judge, maybe she's not going to die, but let's say a person is in the process of leaving this world. Which of course will be painful and Kabbalah teaches that when there is the departure of the soul, different reasons people who are dying. But....The best way to handle that departure is actually to understand that the departure of the soul doesn't mean disappearance of that soul. It means going to another level, and even the communication between us and that soul needs to go to another level. So, Kabbalistically, we're not saying truly "goodbye" to people that are passing away. We try to open different lines of communication and connection with this soul. Because the soul sees us. They have less layers and less blockages, it's us that we do not see them, and truly the souls can communicate, can share and we can share with them. Of course there will be an inevitable period of mourning, of feeling the loss and the pain which is the normal. There is Kabbalistic technology. The fact that I'm thinking especially in the first 11 months; sending Light and prayers to help the soul ascend. Communicate daily with the souls by talking. In my mind, in my meditations and receiving the messages. Actually, that particular process helps to ease the pain. So, I want to thank everybody for this evening. and we'll be able to talk next week, as I shared before, I recommend to ask the questions specifically to your Tikkun your coach, in student support. Thank you very much everybody.

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