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Hydrocarbon overview | Properties of carbon | Biology | Khan Academy

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We have already carbon life, biology, in chemistry We talk a lot about how good is Too good horse, because the molecules containing carbon, so there is a separate field of study Organic Chemistry The two types of carbon, hydrogen, mainly a lot of things and his own combination This combination is enough classes for molecules consisting of only carbon and hydrogen, because too often We have these things called a hydrocarbon hydrocarbon You will see many kinds of pure hydrocarbons Having partially hydrocarbon or a hydrocarbon-based molecular structure will also see a lot of So the hydrocarbon is a very interesting study distance Here are three examples of hydrocarbon These are all '(ㅌ a) eth' prefix Because the long chain of the molecule because it has two carbon If or how the overall hydrocarbon organic compounds want to learn how naming Dealing with a very detailed organic compounds in the field of Khan Academy courses, so it is recommended to listen Here makin familiar with only a simple purpose is to explain This compound had the prefix 'eth' the will of the longest chain was made by two carbon But it differs from the ending of each word This is ethane (ethane) Carbon is used ending 'ane (Ein) "Because of the single bond Here 'ene (yen) "called his mother was spent This is because the bond between the carbon at least one bond is a double bond it is Of course, in this case a combination of carbon only one to two O ye Here is a mother 'yne (AIN) " 'Cause this is because triple combination The general designation of no double bonds or triple bonds hydrocarbon is alkane This is a specific form of the alkane The ethane with two carbon The general name of the alkene hydrocarbon with double bonds I will sseobo the general title Alkane Alkane is a double or triple bond is not generally the names of hydrocarbons This is a detailed ethane Generally speaking the name of this alkene and alkyne This Now let's see what impact this combination of carbon in the structure, the shape of the molecule There are a single bond These molecules consist of two tetrahedral structure The self-carbon center of each tetrahedron For example, let's look at the left This means that I sprang to draw a three-dimensional If so marked, this means that the line enters the picture-in You will be able to draw a tetrahedron so handsome This is where the bottom is on top of the other carbon This carbon is in the center In this molecule you can draw another tetrahedron The carbon and the carbon is in the center and the top It will probably look something like this These molecules can be seen that the two tetrahedra are overlapped with each other, and the molecular shape The two tetrahedral carbon because they are made up of a single bond can rotate This can be rotated around a single bond If the situation is a little different double bond If the double bond makes the atoms are in the same plane as all the double bonds in the molecule Ethene is a flat structure And the double bond rotation is not possible due to the fixing role If this is a triple bond, as well as the entire molecular structure is not possible to be rotated to create a straight line When we talk about the molecular structure it is to talk about its form How can three-dimensionally says about saenggyeotneunga If you're wondering what if these compounds are ethane is a constituent of natural gas Most natural gas is methane Methane is the hydrocarbon, and carbon are combined with four hydrogen Methane is thus looked the most natural gas is methane and ethane also will be able to find some Ethylene is known as ethene, which is used a lot in industry But the most interesting thing is that it can be used as a plant hormone ethene is learning the fruit Acetylene is because it is known that the Eta burning well It can be used as fuel blowtorch All three can be used for any other purpose looks similar to a very It may continue to show the different types of hydrocarbons, but you look a little unusual variety of hydrocarbon We'll find out about the various forms and names are not sticking The molecules are only three things of examples of molecules which may be found in gasoline in the car There are many more types of molecules besides these molecules Mixed with oxygen molecules to these jaltap When you put the engine ignition These are useful for fuel to operate the car Let's take a look at how these molecules that the naming This is pentane The carbon alkane having 5 The longest chain has one two three four five carbon So it is called pentane Of hydrogen are combined with each other is because the carbon is connected to the other of Shorthand instead draw the C and H (abbreviated) This is also drawing to a In this picture, you do not draw a carbon because it can be assumed that the carbon in each point one by one And if they look different carbon atoms associated with it can be estimated that there are multiple hydrogen bonds This figure is the shorthand of pentane This is because the chain-shaped carbon atoms, each trying to achieve a tetrahedral structure in shorthand, you can see the Revealing Stay This is cyclohexane Because there is no double bonds and alkane Six carbons in the long chain of molecules called mother 'hex (hex), because appended And because it forms a ring-shaped chain structure, not open 'cyclo (cycle) "is appended This molecule seems a little more complicated Because the double bond is the longest chain of the molecule suffix 'ene' has stuck 'but (part ㅌ)' is a prefix that means 4 It means that there are 4 carbons in the long chain of the molecule One two three four carbon are But here it twice is a double bond to carbon, as well as being a methyl group is connected to Prefix meaning one carbon 'meth (ㅌ Tome)' is stuck 'meth (ㅌ Tome)' is a prefix meaning one The goal of this video is jjatdeun is to make you become a little more familiar with hydrocarbons And to think how useful hydrocarbons in the chemical Partially it would see a lot of molecules with a hydrocarbon structure will consider the properties of molecules associated

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Hydrocarbon overview
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