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TROM: 4A - The Dilemma (2.0)

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So far we have proved the following: One, existence, our understanding of life from a scientific Standpoint, it's amazing. As far as we know, we are the only species capable of exploration, discovery, and questioning our existence. Two, we are the product of our environment. The brain has no mechanism to distinguish between what is relevant or not. So, our environment is crucial. Three, the environment in which we grew, Monetary System, is a belief system based heavily on imagination. A system that is obsolete, non-progressive, and harmful for all human being. Four, we have discovered that we can change our environment into an efficient, progressive and extremely well organized one; The Venus Project. It could be changed tomorrow because the technology is available, and Human Beings are proven to be motivated by the purpose of work. What greater purpose could there be? If the four points are true why haven't we begun working towards a better society? The system we find ourselves in harms us, yet we do nothing about it. If we know that the present system is harming us and solutions exist why don't we try to make a change? The Dilemma If everything happens in our brains, and a decision to adopt another system is a simple process then how is that not happening? To form and idea let's point out some very important facts. One; lack of information. When you do not know that technology is capable of creating another system, when you do not know how a Human Being works, what reality is, what existence is, when you are not informed, you cannot find solutions due to the limited information you were exposed to. If you do not analyze your current status, Monetary System, and how it works, to get an idea about you and the environment Through your own analysis supported by Science, Then you will not be able to understand due to the limited Information you have. Two; The learning mode of a Human Being. In the documentary, The Human Ape, an analysis was done between Chimpanzees and Humans, and one of the discoveries was that Chimpanzees learn just by looking at adults, not learning the moves, but basically obtain the result. While Human Beings tend to copy the teachers behavior.

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Country: United States
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Posted by: ltiofficial on Nov 15, 2011

Description : TROM represents the biggest documentary ever created, but, also the only one that tries to analyse everything : from science to monetary system and real solutions to improve everyone's life. A new and real way to look about the world. " Before the Big-Bang, till present, and beyond."

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