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Sara Moreira from Global Voices

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♫♫Music♫♫ So, my name is Sara I started writing for Global Voices in January this year ... January 2009 Since January until now I have written mostly about telecommunications and internet services existing in Timor My favorite Timorese blog ... I really like a blog called ... Rai Ketak dot Wordpress dot com But it is very hard to find good Timorese blogs People simply don't blog from Timor. There are lots of blogs from expatriates or from internationals who have lived in East Timor but are now in Portugal, Australia, or the US and they are very partial they often discuss politics and they argue a lot between different groups But it's not easy to find bloggers from East Timor. In 2007 - the first time I went there ... there were still many internally displaced people because of a huge crisis that happened in 2006 so you arrive at the airport ... after traveling the whole world ... It's really far away from Portugal — it's like on the other side of the world. You arrive at the airport and you can only see banana trees and coconut trees and also the presence of ... military from all over the world ... like troops from Bangladesh that use turquaz clothing as if they nature in that place is that color and the UN planes and helicopters from Australia and all that. And then you leave the airport which is just a small house in the middle of the forest and there is a lot of poverty or, it was more visible back then because there were so many people living in tents on the streets and on the way from the airport to the city David: Have you met anyone from Global Voices before? Before this week? Yes, I met her last week, in East Timor. I met Janet Gunter She's quite new to Global Voices I think she started writing in May or April I'm not sure. So I met her in Dili We had known each other through the internet for a long time. For one year, and finally we have met. I write for Global Voices because ... I have this passion for East Timor and I'm interested in what's happening there and I think that the country is often being ignored and people don't really know what's happening there so I see Global Voices as an opportunity to raise awareness about the current situation ♫♫Music♫♫ Music by P.Yo Bunny - Intro/Outro by Astrubal All photographs are Creative-Commons-licensed and were found on

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Posted by: oso on Jul 26, 2009

Sara Moreira of Global Voices talks about her experiences writing on the site and what life is like in East Timor.

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