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Mikveh by Karen Berg

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one of the things I really love to do is to take the idea of Mikveh, which to most people seems like a religious concept, and bring it into the realm of spirituality, so that you and I can understand that this is isn't something we do because we are supposed to, but something we do for our own lives, for our own health, for our own ability to see a clearer picture. What is this thing that we call Mikveh? It's emerging into a body of water that is created without any ties to the physicality. Even the pipes in the Mikveh have to be made out of PVC. The water in the Mikveh is rain water or snow. Things that directly come from nature. And we, all of us have negative parts of ourself. People that we touch literally, people that are in our realm that may think negative thoughts of us, or that perhaps even we think negative thoughts of them. We go into arguments during the week, we met with somebody that was seriously ill; We should know that when we visit the sick, it says that one sixtieth of the illness is taken away with the person. Which means, those of us that are therapists, that are massage therapists; people that work with people directly all the time, we are always in the realm of being vulnerable to those things which we are even environmentally, you know, there is radiation in the air, etc. What happens when we enter into the Mikveh? When we go into this body of water that is untouched; that it's made of natural sources. Basically, we're going back, as we were in our mother's belly, into the amniotic fluid of life. When we submerge in the water of the Mikveh, when we come out from there, it makes us neutral. It disseminates or dispels all of those negative things, so that our body is capable of receiving again from a pure source. That's the reason for that thing that we call Mikveh. It could by the way be done in a river or in the ocean, or in any other places of mass water that is done via natural course. But I'm sure that you'll get much, much better into as to how, why and when we use this process to make our lives clearer, to make our lives healthier, to make our lives better. The Mikveh and the use of Mikveh in our lives, again, have nothing to do with religion. Religion have used it as a tool, but that doesn't make it a tool for you and I, as normal human beings, to make for ourselves a clearer state in our own life.

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Mikveh by Karen Berg

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