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FP V01

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The ResBot is standing at its station, waiting for someone to pick the microphone up and say Hello. Resbot detects the subject who is close enough to the robot. Then, it would introduce itself as a respite care robot, and suggest the subject a tour to some cool places on the third floor. If the subject wasn't interested to participate in this interaction, ResBot would finish the conversation by offering a candy, and it goes to its waiting mode till the next participant says Hello. Waiting for another student ... if the subject was interested to participate in the interaction, ResBot would ask about the place he/she would like to go. if the input isn't valid, ResBot asks the subject to try again. if the input is valid, the subject would follow ResBot to get to the requested location, and ResBot would announce whenever they arrived. "Therapy Cat Territory" You can enjoy your time by sitting on a sofa and relief the stress by cuddling the robot cat! ResBot would ask the subject if she/he wants to see any other places and would wait for the respond. The subject can either respond immediately or enjoy spending her/his time at the current location and reply later. if the subject was interested to continue the interaction, ResBot would take her/him there. "Free snacks land" Have fresh fruits and other snacks, and boost your energy! Finally, whenever the subject decided to terminate the interaction, ResBot would finish the conversation and happily gets back to its station and waits for the next participant! :-)

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Duration: 2 minutes and 36 seconds
Language: English
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Posted by: pourebadi on Mar 22, 2018


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