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Jacque Fresco - The Mechanistic Point of View (Repository)

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People have a name for things. If they see a child draw pretty pictures, right away, they think the child is gifted. That means "I haven't the slightest idea how a six-year-old could draw a profile of a human being that looks so accurate." That's what they're saying when they say he's gifted. "I have no idea of how that occurs." When the fish migrates thousands of miles to the spawning grounds without [the] mother fish opening up a map of the world showing the fish how to get to the spawning grounds, they invented a word for that: 'instinct'. It means "I haven't the slightest idea of how these fish do that." Instinct is a dead word, noise. It tells us nothing. But a word that says "I'm gonna try to find out how it is that fish can do that." So they studied the magnetic currents under the Gulf Stream which fish follow. Once you begin to know that birds can follow Earth's magnetic currents because if you strap a small magnet to the bird's head he doesn't migrate. It becomes confused. So, it was called years ago 'A Mechanistic Point of View' and people hated that word. "Mechanistic?! I'm not a machine. I'm flesh and blood! I'm a thinking, feeling [being]." They loved that and they moved away from the mechanistic point of view which hurt society no end. It's a mechanistic point of view. All that it says is, look: You can't roll your eyes to the right unless there's a muscle and the nerve cells that feed that muscle. You can't twist your arm unless muscles run in that direction. That's all that a mechanistic point of view stated: that nothing occurs-... The mechanists also stated this: that nothing is self-activating. That's the most difficult thing for people to grasp. Trying to simplify that: A sailboat cannot sail. It is moved by the wind. A plant cannot grow, all that's nonsense, [and] still exists today. A plant requires warmth, temperature, moisture, gravity all of those things. Although you don't see the connection they're all connected. That living beings do not acquire knowledge or information through ethereal means. They acquire it by banging their head against the wall, slipping on ice ... then they design anti-slip systems. First you have to slip on the ice. No government to my knowledge ever anticipated the future. "This is the direction we're heading in, let's prepare for social change." No, they try to keep things as they are.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 37 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: William Gazecki
Director: William Gazecki
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Posted by: ltiofficial on Feb 25, 2012

From outtakes of "Future by Design".

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