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Pre Session Interview Edited

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Can you just give us a bit context in terms of your thinking for today's session? We've been working with the group for six months or so. So from the start the season, first block of work was around out of possession stuff really, so they've gone from 9v9 to 11v11. So big difference in pitch size for them. So first block was around out of possession stuff, so just more when we haven't got it, where to be and what to do because they struggle with space. With a little bit of playing out from the back of being in possession. So try and do a lot of sort of dual focus stuff because we've got 18 players-ish. So to focus in on one tiny area is quite hard for them not to lose interest. So that was the first block of work, so we are just starting now with linking the playing out from the back into a midfield unit. Or individuals to then link further up the pitch. So it's sort of a link block really between playing out from the back into playing into midfield, is naturally what they do with the ball. In terms of numbers what do you expect to have? 19, I expect to have turn up. So there's a couple who train with us and don't play with us, so they'll be here today as well. So yeah we're hoping 19 will be here. What space are you going to use? What's some of your considerations? Space is something that we don't have really, at all. So we use half of a 3rd on a Wednesday. So space is something that we're trying to introduce to the kids a little bit, around what it is, what it looks like, because actually we've got 19 kids in a 40x40 sort of box, most of the time. So today we're going to open it out a little bit and use sort of half a pitch. Or elements of half a pitch probably go 6 yard line, take half way line, across the pitch and then pretty much full width. And we'll play across because I don't want to go too far away from what they're used to doing, because it could become really distant from what they're used to doing on a Wednesday. So they're used to playing across a 3rd. So hopefully they'll keep a little bit of that context of what they're doing and why they're doing it. So that's the idea of space, but I want while we've got a room, I want to try and utilise it. Their technically proficient because they're used to playing in tight areas. So it will be really interesting to see them play over bigger distances and what that actually looks like. So just on that generally the kids, who are they, where are they at? So we've got everything from kids who are in development centres, just drop out of academies or in and out of academies. So one of our Keepers is near to actually playing at Shrewsbury Town, so we've got from that right the way to a kid whose joined us from gymnastics. So he's not played football for the best part of 4.5 years, so come back to the sport. So we've got a real mixed bag, in every sense of ability but also all the other stuff around, how they are in the group, how they deal with it, we've got kids who have been together for 6 years. We've got kids who've joined this year, probably 3 or 4 who joined the group. So it's like the dynamics of that as well, of where they're at. But a real mix in everything, ability, understanding of the game, how they deal with stuff, some of the social stuff of them as a group. Is there anything today that you're hoping to get from certain individuals? The challenge for me is probably giving them what they want because they're quite demanding and they know what they want. And if you don't give them it, they can switch off quite quick. And there's probably a few characters in the group, who will lead that a little bit. What is that? What do they want, do you think? I think they want stuff that's real, that they can deal with. That they then face on a Sunday when they go and play. I think that's come more this year they've just shifted leagues to a more competitive league probably a more physically demanding league in essence. So they've gone from probably a technical league where actually just their technical ability it would get them through and they'd win game after game after game or perform well to a league now where it's asking a bit more of them. So they're starting to maybe understand more about the game and actually what it means when you haven't got the ball, when you have got the ball. Is there anything in particular that you're going to be observing through your coaching that maybe we can observe when we're watching the session. We have to play out from the back so keeper and what he does, two centre backs and what they do. So we encouraged them to try to split as wide as we can. So that's something that we've previously worked on in a block so hopefully you should be able to identify it quite quickly. That actually yeah they play out from the back, the centre backs will split and the full backs will play high and potentially come infield if they need to as well. So that's something that you'll be able to highlight quite quickly and some of the bits we were doing with midfield is about them playing on different lines to each other if possible and different angles. And not all getting attracted to the ball. So we play with 3 midfielders and our tendency is when the ball goes to a centre back or a keeper is we all head to the ball. So it's a real challenge trying to get them to take their angles off other kids in the group and be a little bit unselfish and go do you know what if he gets I need to be in this position to be able to break a line, to be able to play forward. So hopefully you should see some of that at the start because we have started already driping some of that in, so some of it will be evident from the very beginning.

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