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Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest & WiserEarth

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This movement is humanity's a new response. This is fondamentaly a civil rights movement, a human rights movement, this is a democracy movement. It is the coming world What you're seeing here, is the beginning of a list of a 130.000, minimum, organizations in the world who works towards social and environmental justice and that's a minimum. It may be 250.000 groups it may be 500.000 groups. Read this names They are unfamiliar to you most of them, I'm sure. Right ? They are. We do not know how big this movement is. It's so new we can recognize it. Even within armies, and governments and war, and churches and religions. That this is... That there is no precedent for what we're doing. What you are creating is completely unknown It is everywhere. There is no center. There is no one spokeperson. It is in every country and city on Earth. It is within every child, every race, every culture. and every ethnic group in the world. This is the first time on Earth that a powerful non-ideological movement has arisen And during the spawn of the 20th century ideologies were worship by religion ??? It dominated our believes that this it is speeded up so you would have to stay here until monday night Ideologies dominate us : capitalism, socialism, communism... okay. In the words of Ed Hunt, Ideologies stalk the Earth clad in armor They fought for the control or our minds, of our lands and that wasn't pretty. We were told that salvation would be found in the domination of a single system This is where salvation will be found : we know that as biologists, we know that as community organizers, we know that as ecologists. It's found in diversity. This movement is a collection of individual movements There is so many issues that it confronts Getting values and principles not in conflict. Climate change. Poverty. Deforestation Peace. Water. Hunger. Conservation. Human rights. Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe devote their lives and energies to these issues. One by one, these people are re-imagining our world. WiserEarth serves these people in their organizations. WiserEarth is a dynamic, open-source community based plateform, which people and organizations use for communication and collaboration. It has a searchable directory of over 100.000 non-profit and non-governmental organizations worldwide. This directory is organized in more than 500 areas of focus and entire taxonomy of the fields of sustainability and social justice Activists, organizers, students and citizens can use WiserEarth to connect with one another by personal profiles and site messaging, discussion forums and online chats. No single person knows the size of this movement. However we all know the organizations around us. within our local communities. Through collaboration we can assemble knowledge and networks from the bottom-up, and a space that is created and owned by the community. Online at

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Posted by: camillawiser on Nov 13, 2009

Paul Hawken's speech at the Bioneers conference on the worlds largest movement, the hundreds of thousands of grassroots organizations that address social and environmental justice.

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