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C4L11: Two Racket Short Court

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Now this drill I just call it flying with both wings. It takes the sword and shield up another notch. Basically what you do is hold two in your hands and hit forehands on either side. So its a hybrid of the sword and shield and once again moving around the court with two rackets you really feel that balance on the hit at the 45 degree angle. You can see the geometry you are creating out there on the court because the rackets and your arms are equal length. Your lines so to speak on this 3 dimensional canvas that you are playing on are equal. So once again the more you practice this the more balanced your stroke becomes. So at the point, before the shot begins, you want to line up the 45 on equal sides right the left pushes away or the right hand pushes away which ever one is the non hitting hand. Then you want to continue through and make sure the rackets are not clacking together but this is really a great drill to feel balance. Real dynamic balance out on the court. I suggest trying this with the forehand first and once you get the forehand, if you are a one hander especially. I like trying this, this is very difficult. Try feeling your balance at the 45 after the contact. Same thing here if you line up the 45 with two hands then you hold your 45 after the contact, with the two hands once again. So when people say you throw your opposite hand behind you, its not just behind you. You hold that 45 as you finish the stroke. Try this drill its a very interesting the way you feel when you are actually doing it. It helps you feel balance not only when you are doing it but mentally as well. Now I suggest doing this at the service line only with a partner. Have your partner do it as well with two rackets. This can be done from the baseline, we've done it, its very difficult. As usual you don't want to go for power for speed. You really want to be precise and slow and deliberate. Keeping your balance at the contact point and staying smooth throughout the hit.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 8, 2014

Here's a fun way to balance out your game.

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