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Как стать профессиональным геймером Часть - 1

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Hello everyone! Danya Zeus here, we're on inferno This is a new series That is called:"How to get into pro gaming" In every episode I will teach little and big details in CS and outside of it. Today I will talk about How to practice your aim We talk about it a lot, but let's freshen it up And part 2 is what you should do to improve you individual game. I will also talk about recent events, like Yesterday we played vs VP Unfortunately we lost We should've won inferno, but nope All in all we are not sad about it, it felt like a good test of what we can do And what are our mistakes and fails So we know what to work on We are having communication issues right now, individually we are ok GuardiaN was nuts yesterday, some even called him a cheater But mainly we have what to work on. Don't worry guys We lost in a close battle versus a strong team Snax is definitely in-form, as he showed us on Mirage pistol:D We could've also won mirage Right now we are practicing on a new core, we'll see what it'll do. Let's go. How to train YOUR aim? The main thing is that you have to prac on a regular basis To understand what works for you and what does not. Let's start from DM I play DM regularly for the past 10 days And I noticed that my aim is improving How? I try to keep up with my statistic on each map I check K/D Not always, sometimes I just DM to warm-up a little To fully practice, don't listen to any music You have to listen to the steps When you play without sound you're just always killed from the back We need to orientate on the map I also write-out my stats every day Today I had 1.2, tomorrow I have it differently and so on But we all have game A, and game B Game A is when you rekt everyone, and game B is when you suck hard for any reason. Nothing works People ask me what to do in those situations You didn't become a noob in one day, don't worry. I always analyze my game after 4-5 days I use AK and Tec for example 75% with AK, and 25% with the Tec. Different distance etc, I just kill Next map, I get a Colt, CZ and do the same thing, maybe mix up Glocks etc. After 4-5 days I feel the improvement, I can say I'm doing better That's what I do. Second thing I do is play vs bots on Aim maps You can play vs your friend or vs bots on such maps So I just go there instead of DM if I'm annoyed by it There are lots of aim maps 1000 kills is what I do Using any style of spray control, tapping etc. Just feel you movement, sens, spray After you finish raping bots, go on DM and polish your skills there You will feel the power Last part is, what we do in Na'Vi We split into old/young pairs Me/Edward vs Flamie/Seized And we start doing little games, like who will get 100 kills first. We have hardcore battles, some time ago we even had prizes. It kind of motivates Next episode I will teach you how to improve your teamplay, and how to be a proper captain. So this is what I wanted to tell you about aim today, we will have more on that in the following episodes Next What is the core for IMPROVEMENT? Now listen carefully First is aim Second is grenades If you want to become a pro you have to know how to throw smokes, molotovs, flashes etc. Tricky ones, standard ones Some cool smokes Go to an empty server, And write this in command And you will get this green thing So you can see how that smoke flies. Red dot is where it hit and exploded. We do molotovs like this, flashes, frag grenades When we play mix, we have dudes on the server, you can always understand who is a pro and who is not so. By how he throws grenades There are lost of those things, so be patient and practice them Basically all you do is properly line it up using hands, fingers, pixels etc. And throw them So here the player can't do SHIT And so on Basically that's how it works Hard grenades are ones you do from jumping, walking or running and it all takes practice Third is info, How do we receive and give information on the map You can always see the level of player skill by his communication. When we play MM we see players screaming something like "BANANA, BANANA, this is..eeeh. he was on banana" He doesn't understand what to do and say You can see that he is not really skilled When a player is skilled he will give exact info and usually discusses the round on spawn When we just have fun it's not really necessary but on serious occasions it's a very important aspect "I'm going banana, throwing mltv on +, help" etc. Basically anything He will always tell you info, orientate on the map and receive info He will quickly react to the situation on the map Where should we go, what should we check, are they flanking and so on This creates a general idea of the player and what level he is on Next we have timing This really goes into skill category You improve skill+ timing Timings build up on info If we don't see anyone on banana, but your teammates are having all the action on A On the info you get you should understand where your opponents are B should be clear for example, CT will run to B but he sees that the T kills his teammate, your teammate says where that T went and you have the positional advantage You caught timing He did not Basically it shows how good you move on the map It is very important for a pro gamer Aim, grenades, info, and skill+timing But skill has many, man aspects to it Teamplay... Understanding what tactics can be used against you and what tactics can you use You have 4 players and a newcomer in your team, they don't know his playstyle, and start playing with him. The newcomer should understand the info, tactics, aim etc We tell him to execute A, but he doesn't know, so we show him He does all that shit The player shows that he can adapt to the playstyle Another example followed This shows how good you are in CS> How to do it? Download demos, watch games, and analyze them What smokes, timings, tactics. Use best teams in the world of course These are the main things Also teamplay after you exchange, for example 2v2, sometimes you don't say anything, but they still work as a team. But usually when you are left 2v2 you should always communicate and play patiently. I will tell you everything about it in the next episodes These were the starting points that I wanted to discuss. "For the CIS community" See ya!

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Как стать профессиональным геймером Часть - 1

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