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Hello, My name is Karina Roman, I'm a dietitian and I live in Santiago, Chile. I wanted to say hi to all of you and tell you that I would love for you to support Tanya in this new project of being a staff worker (apprentice) in Australia I would like that you could be praying for her That the Lord would move and motivate your heart not just to pray but also support (financially) according to your capacity so you can have an active participation in the work she will do for the Lord I wanted to tell you that in Chile I was a university student, And it was really good for me to get to know the University Biblical Group (GBU) Through that group I was able to grow in my faith And also get closer to Jesus through the study of the Bible I also learned especially about the Gospel of Mark in my time And I was able to travel to other countries with a play called "The Mark Experiment" All of these things were very good for me, And I got so motivated, God motivated me to that I decided, once I finished my degree to be part of the Board of GBU. and I am currently serving as a volunteer member at the Board and I am really happy that also our chilean "staff workers" go overseas and could serve in different places. For this reason I ask you that you could support and you could see the fruits of what God is doing with students and graduates in Chile Because at university, we need to show the light of the gospel and we can't waste more time. Now it's the time. I'm sending you a big hug, I hope my Spanish can be translated into English Tanya knows how to. Big hug, hope you're all well, God bless.

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Posted by: nekkogirl on Jan 18, 2019

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