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Introduction to an X-ray diffractometer

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Elizabeth, please describe to us what it is we're seeing in here. This is indol-6-carboxylic acid Really? What are the uses of indol-6-carboxylic acid? Make up something! It's an amino acid used in vitamin carrying protein transport Point to the crystal in here It's right there! Can you see it? I can see it! Wow! Let's get it close. You look at it through this thing, and see it moves. You look through that? Yeah. Right here! And it swivels! It's pretty expensive... Approximately, how much is this piece of equipment worth? Probably about a couple of hundred thousand dollars. A couple of hundred thousand dollars? Just for an X-ray machine? It's not just ANY X-ray machine. Please, tell us! It's an X-ray crystallography machine. Really? You should know that. What does it do? How about YOU explain? Well, as you can see, the X-ray crystallographer shoots X-rays back and forth in these two contraptions When they shoot back and forth that determines how it looks in 3D Not just 2D...3D...three, not two..bad! So what you do - processes - Come close! We're taking a journey! You look, you twist, it shoots... party! And we use this light so we can see the crystal that we are using, in this case indol-6-carboxylic acid, Which as you so eloquently described is an amino acid! Now we have Siobhan to desccribe what this does! What does the X-ray diffractometer do? I can't tell you what it really does - I can make something up. It shoots X-rays at a crystal Wow! Yeah! And then it tells us the structure.... The STRUCTURE! ...of the crystals, and the molecule we're studying. That's what it does. Wow! Fascinating! That was our inside look on the X-ray diffractometer.

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Posted by: locumele on Sep 28, 2009

How can we determine the structure of large molecules? Some young scientists show the instrument they use to do X-ray crystallography, in a very relaxed way...

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