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peace pilgrim inspiration

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So what made you decide to do a 1,000 mile (1,600 km) walk? Well, this might sound strange but um I don't think I had another choice Are you making money for charity? Are you being sponsored or anything? No I think you're around the bend (crazy). I mean anyone to walk a thousand miles for no reason, I mean that's totally crazy to me Yeah? I got into a car accident, and, I ran into this hippie guy and he gave me this book about this woman named Peace Pilgrim. I had never of her before in my life And this woman, she just walked, um, for peace. And she walked 28,000 miles (45,000 km) across the United States, back and forth and then she stopped counting. And she did it all on her own? Yeah, with nothing. With nothing at all? Nothing. Money? No. Nothing at all? Just her clothes, a toothbrush, and a comb, and her mail. Really? So what did she do, rely on other people to put her up at night and feed her? Yeah. So everybody must have known about her. Well, word spread after awhile and then, I guess her reputation preceded her sometimes but sometimes no, she just had to sleep outside and uh, just go on faith. Why would she do that? Well, she was a peace pilgrim so she was on a pilgrimage for peace. And to spread her message of peace. What? One person walking 28,000 miles. I don't think one person would make such a big impact on everyone. I mean, if there were hundreds of 'em I could understand it, but for one woman, (people) probably didn't even notice her. Well she did, people did notice her and by the end of her life she was giving speech all across the country and people were walking with her. Really? Yeah. And all that just for peace of mind? All kinds of peace: inner peace peace between individuals, and the big one, world peace. She just sounds like somebody around the bend, somebody who's totally crazy to me. I mean for someone to do that, there must be something crazy about them. You know, that's what I thought too actually, I thought maybe she must have been a crazy old woman. Yeah. But then I read her book, and her book is like, philosophy, it's... she was enlightened, she was a mystic You know, she was like Gandhi, like Jesus. I put her in that same realm. Really? Yeah. So she actually had an effect on other people's lives? She still does. Really? Yeah. She affected my life.

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Posted by: spiri on May 17, 2009

a young american guy, inspired by peace pilgrim, journeys around the UK on foot

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