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Annoying Orange: Muddy Buddy

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-[Orange laughs] So then I said, "If you want the mustard, you're gonna have to 'ketchup.'" [laughs] -That was quite possibly the worst joke I've ever heard. -You're the worst joke I've ever heard. [laughs] -[groans] -Ugh, it's way too bright in here. Does somebody want to turn the lights down or somethin'? -Whoa, a dirty pear with sunglasses! -What? -Hey Pear, check it out. It's your brother. -That's not my brother. -I'm not a pear. My name is Mystery Potato Man. -[laughs] Poe-tay-toe? -We're not doing that. -Poe-tay-toe? -No. -Really? -Yeah, that's pretty stupid, okay? -Yeah, whatever four-eyes. [laughs] -Hey, you'd be wearing sunglasses too if you grew up on the ground. Ugh, this light is killing me. -You grew up in the dirt? I'm gonna call you Muddy Buddy. [laughs] -I'm not muddy... and I'm not your bud. -[laughs] You said spud. You're a spud muffin. [laughs] -Man, you're a real square, you know that? -Uh-uh, I'm round. [laughs] -[growls] Pear, is this guy always this annoying? -No, it's even worse when he uses the air horn. -(Orange) Hey, Muddy Buddy. -What? [air horn blaring] Aahh! My eyes, it's so bright! -[laughs] -[sniffles] Why would you do that, man? -Pear did it. -Pear didn't to it; I saw you. -Blame Pear. -No! -Uh-oh. Guess what? -What? What is it? -Air horn. [air horn blaring] -Aaaahhh!! -[laughs] -I can't see anything and I can't even hear myself think. -It's funny 'cause it hurts. [laughs] -You're really getting under my skin, buddy. I've met some stupid food in my days, but you really take the cake. -Why would you take the cake? That's where Carrot lives. -I don't care about Carrot. -Well, I don't care about you either. [weeps] -Geez, for a tater, you're a real hater. Maybe you're a hater tot. [laughs] -Sweet mother of... Ah, your voice is stabbing me like a, like a giant-- -Let me guess. Knife? -What? [shrieking in agony] -Whoa! It's a face-off. [laughs] -[shrieking continues] -I don't know who to root for. [laughs] Get it? Root? [laughs] -Wait! Wait! What are you doing? Ah! -Oh well. That guy needed a thicker skin anyways. [laughs] [Carrot sobs] -Come on, buddy. Potato didn't mean it. Stop crying. -Hey, Carrot. I know what will make you forget about being sad. -[sniffles] Really? What? -Air horn. [air horn blares] -Ah! Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Duration: 2 minutes and 26 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: daneboe
Director: daneboe
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Dec 29, 2010

Orange meets Mystery Potato Man...and annoys the crap out of him.

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