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Inspire your Child, Inspire the World - Preview

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Now uh if children are very unhappy at school I think we need to examine the teachers because it's a natural human trait it's a natural human trait, that when you get to know something that you did not know, it brings much joy to you is it so? yes? learning is a natural human trait that when you learn something that you did not know it should make you joyful if learning is making people miserable then we have not understood what learning is unfortunately you're not sending your children to school because you want them to know, you want them to learn you want them to earn that's why you're sending them to school it's an unfortunate way to handle education that's not education you want them enslaved so the teachers are doing the job for you you want them enslaved to what you call as economic well-being so the teachers are just doing the job for you you're not sending your children to school because you want them to develop a thirst for knowing irrespective of whether it's going to make money or not make money, isn't it? so you better change your attitudes about education we are coming up with a school where the whole focus of education is not going to be about suppressive information but about kindling the thirst for knowledge if the thirst for knowledge is kindled in the child you can't stop him from learning you cannot stop him from learning, he's going to learn anyway but instead of kindling that, you're suppressing it beating it down with your idea of what is education, because your idea of education is social status and money it's the wrong way to approach education, all together so, children slowly these joyful, bursting pieces of life slowly become sad like this because you're just disorienting them completely with the kind of compulsions that you have built within yourself, you're trying to put the same compulsions upon the children, which is not necessary for more on Sadhguru visit www dot ishafoundation dot org

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With Inspire Your Child, Inspire the World, Sadhguru invites us to reexamine the conventional system of education and come to a more holistic approach. The primary function of education should be to kindle the child's intelligence and enhance its natural talents. Sadhguru pleads for stimulating the child's innate urge to learn rather than imposing knowledge. (P1)

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