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Roger Ely

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I'm Roger Ely. And here at OSU I'm an Associate Professor in the department of Biological and Ecological Engineering. Starting about seven or eight years ago, about eight years ago, I wanted to get into research dealing with sustainable energy, renewable energy. And- so what we're doing now is what some people call bio-solar hydrogen production. Other people call it photo-biological hydrogen production. But what that means is really that we work with bacteria that use solar energy to split water and make hydrogen. Hydrogen is a very energy-rich compound. It's about three times more energy-rich on a pound basis- mass basis, than gasoline. In general, we're working with organisms called cyanobacteria. And cyano is kind of like cyan the color, you know a blue-green. And the reason that we work with them is that first of all they have a full complement of photosynthetic capabilities. So they have all of the photosynthetic enzymes that allow them to carry out all of the functions of photosynthesis, oxygenic photosynthesis, which means they split water and make oxygen Everything that we do is so dependent on energy. And you look around you and you know- this camera that's recording this, if you were to actually look at the amount of energy that's embodied in that camera from the mining and the manufacturing of whatever metals are there and whatever plastics and etcetera, etcetera, all the way to the marketing and getting it to the store and buying it and all that. There's a lot of energy that's there that we don't think about. And so I started think about issues around the world and everything came back to energy.

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Posted by: umarket on Nov 13, 2009

Explains using enzymes to generate.

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