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EU faces existential crisis as democracy becomes contagious - UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

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, As we welcome the Dutch priminister Mr Rutte to the hot seat of six month revolving presidency. I know you´re a keen historian because you were quoting Winston Churchill this morning as indeed Mr Verhofstadt backed you up. You´re quite right. Post-war Churchill did encourage integration, especially between France and Germany

but made it absolutely clear at all times that the United Kingdom should not be a part of it and I would like you please to acknowledge that. I also very much doubt that 50 years after his death Churchill would approve the club the way it is because he was a democrat. This EU faces an existential crisis indeed. There was an outbreak of a contagious desease. It's not a new one.

The Greeks first came across it a couple of thousand years ago. The virus in it´s new form began in Danemark in the early 90s and was put down with a heavy German hand. There´ve been a couple of outbreaks in Ireland but substantial European money again cured the outbreak. But the red alert in 2005, when the contagion swept the Netherlands and France, frankly has never gone away. And I think now we have simultaneous outbreaks of the desease. In Danemark it now looks to be wholly ireversible and in my own country despite decades of our political establishment denying it´s existence recent opinion poll showed that sufferers may now be actually in a majority. What surprised me about your speech, as the Dutch prime minister, is that you didnť mention the fact, that 427 000 of your own citizens, have outed themselves in public, declared themselves to be curious, called the referendum for 6th April and encouraged the rest of the country to join in. A suppose it must be embarrassing for you,

the diagnosis by the way will not be popular in this house, the desease is called democracy. And people want to have a sale on their future. Mr Juncker says that there'll be a continental crisis if the Dutch vote NO. Well Iľl drink to that is all I can say. When you add to that Schengen, when you add to that people´s utter revulsion to what happened in Cologne, I think that you're going to have a very very hot time over the course of the next six months. Whether the peoples of Europe break this union between now and the end of June I don't know. But I tell you what, we gonna have a damn good go. .

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EU faces existential crisis as democracy becomes contagious - UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

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