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STAY HUMAN - Yisroel Dovid Weiss Interview

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With the help of the allmighty, I pray to the allmighty to bestow upon me his truth so that I may convey his message. We are religious Jews, true to the Torah, and what people call human rights we call Godliness. God demands, God commands that one must be compassionate. In the Jewish teaching in Hebrew we say: "מה הוא נקרא רחום אף אתה היה רחום". Just as God is compassionate, you must be compassionate. You must emulate God. That's part of the basics of the Torah. So human rights, to have compassion, to do good for a fellow human being is all just part of the basics of the Torah. What is happening to the people of Palestine, the people of Gaza, flies in the face of all of this. And the Torah, us as Jews who have true Torah religion, true Torah Jewish symbols... ...that they named Israel our name, the name of the Jewish people, it means that we should not steal the land from the Palestinians, not subjugate them, not oppress them, not banish them from their lands. On the contrary. It means that we should embrace, befriend and respect their sovereignty their rule over the entire Palestine as was the case and the opinion of the Jews universally who are true to the Torah and up until today. Jews who are true to the Torah, universally, including in occupied Palestine - refused to give any legitimacy to the Zionist state of Israel, to the occupation of the land of Palestine. Refused to give up their identity We say that our identity - the name Israel, the star of David and all has been hijacked from us but we refuse to give it up. We must remember that he pleaded for Jerusalem after he saw that his first plea is being totally ignored, that they are going to make the Zionist state. Four months later he saw that it was immanent, the ratification by the UN of the state he said "At least leave Jerusalem free". To be an national zone where we are located where... it's the basics. Jewish people, true to the Torah, are forbidden according to the teaching of the Torah to have our own state even one inch of sovereignty, even if it would not in any manner affect another people because we were sent into exile 2,000 years ago by the almighty with the destruction of the temple and we wait, and we yearn, for the day when the almighty will make a miracle - where all humanity will recognize one God then we will all go up and serve him. So being banished from the holy land as a nation is what we accept. It was a godly issue that we were estranged, sent away from the almighty's house, and the solution is not taking guns into the hands, it cannot be the solution, it's not that problem. We don't have a physical problem basically. Our problem is being estranged from the almighty so to say. And the solution is when God, with his compassion will make this miracle. All humanity will recognize one God, then we will all return and we will all serve God. That is what we wait and yearn for. And that can happen through the almighty alone without any human intervention. That has nothing to do with physical prowess. Judaism forbids us of rebelling against nations, we will put on the oath of Athens, we are forbidden to return as a nation of large numbers. We are forbidden to do anything... To steal from other people... From every facet Zionism flies in the face of Judism. It's forbidden. And universally, the Jewish people who are true to the Torah invariably you'll find the more the religious the more they all oppose the existence of the State of Israel. This is a book called The Rabbis Speak Out, where we compile universally all the Rabbinical authorities for a 130 years, the opposition to this concept of Zionism. There is one point that we have to stress - there will be tens of thousands more maybe hundreds of thousands more if it wouldn't be for fear of the intimidation, the attacks of the Israelis, of the Zionists. Every time, around the world we are intimidated and attacked. But in Palestine, in occupied Palestine you can see they're brutally beaten over a 100 years, since Zionism came up to the Holy Land Jews have been opposing them, demonstrating and we are totally non-violent and yet we are brutally beaten and murdered, assassinated. All that it's about, because this is a rebellion against God, it's a rebellion in every facet, it's a heresy. It has nothing to do with the religion, they've simply stolen the name of religion to refer to this as a religious conflict in order to vilify anybody who opposes them as being anti-Semitic or self-hating Jews. Vilifying the victims in Gaza and in Palestine when they're suffering so horrendously that the world will be silent, will be intimidated and silent. Thinking that "Oh well, they hate another people" while in truth the Arab and muslim countries were the most gracious hosts and provided the safe haven for Jews hundreds and hundreds of years throughout history when there was the inquisition, when there was the crusades and by the second world war. Jews had a home and flourished in all the Arab and Muslim countries. Therefore, the turning on its head and referring to these people as haters of Jews and that it's a religious conflict is so macabre, so revolting. And the Nakba is such a tragedy that there's no words... Our hearts around the world for the Jewish people we cry, we suffer, we are humiliated what is being done in our name. And as I say, we pray that God should bring speedily and peacefully the end of this occupation, of this existence of the Zionist State of Israel. So once again we can all embrace that we can serve God together soon in our days. Again, with the help of the almighty we always stress that we're not prophets. Rabbi Beck, my mentor, always like to say that we always have to make a distinction between the facts that firstly, Zionism does not represent Judaism, it is a transformation from religion and subservience to the almighty into a base nationalism, a base materialistic concept And it's not a Jewish state, it's a Zionist state. It shouldn't be referred to as a Jewish state. Or "the Jewish people around the world"... We have to understand this that it's really, totally against the teaching of the Torah. Can never be acceptable according to the teachings of the Torah. And it's forbidden, illegitimate. And that said to the issues of how we can combat this, about how we can end this God help speedily and peacefully and without any bloodshed. This whole issue is already a different issue because if we are wrong at certain ideas, the protest people would say that then on the whole issue you may be wrong. So we have to first lay down the fact, like when you go to a doctor he has to know what the sickness is before he can provide a remedy. Now the remedy is a different issue... With the help of the almighty, we as Jews try to abide by the Torah perspective, the Torah teaching. In our ways, in our history of trials and tribulations we never were taught an approach of violence. Anybody can see that we went through many many, very very hard times. Our approach was to pray to the almighty and we urge everybody, because ultimately people can do, but it's in the hands of the almighty to accomplish, everybody should pray to the almighty for an end of this occupation. And we say, according to the Torah it says why are you going against the words of God? It will not be successful. This is a statement of the Torah, so we know that the State of Israel cannot have a prominent future and a successful future and a peaceful future, because it is a rebellion against God and I think you see that for over 60 years! You don't go through 10 years that they have a peaceful existence and they looked at '48. they looked at '67, and every time they said "Oh miracles!" and that. Well now it's got a peace on the two state solution, all this... They say "Now you're going to see it's going to be peaceful". And it's going to be a terrific ending. At the truth we find it was never like that, it's always the further you go into a depth, into the abyss. There's never light at the end of the tunnel, the people are afraid to buy fruits, going to the market it may explode. So we see that it really flies in the face of logic. Why the refugee camps? Why the Palestinian people have not simply assimilated into the world communities? You see, there's something here and we say it's because God does not allow this rebellion against him this heresy called the Zionist State of Israel to exist and have a promising future. So we definitely know that it will end. The question is how much bloodshed, how much suffering it will entail? What we try to do at least, what the almighty requires, is firstly we pray. We have days of fasting and we go to synagogues, we give speeches, we teach our children that they should not support the Zionist state. We go and we try to make the world aware that they should not support this rebellion against God that is causing so much suffering and such an illegitimate flawed and selfish state. We go and embrace the people of Palestine. We went to Gaza, we embraced them. The Hamas there, the leadership, the Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. We brought medical aid to show... and they embraced us... And we went to Lebanon, we went to Sabra and Shatila and other camps and so forth. And embrace constantly the leaders of the world, the Muslim Arab leaders, that they should feel and the world should see that this is not a religious conflict. And the whole existence of the State of Israel is simply for, as I say, a political nationalistic flawed movement. Judaism is a religion of thousands of years and Zionism is a mere hundred odd years. It has nothing to do with the religion. The people should understand and differentiate between these concepts. And therefore the world should not be intimidated and not fearful to approach this Zionist state and try to understand it. Because as a whole, you will find the western world they simply buy that it's a religious conflict and are afraid to interfere with its existence. But if the world would understand, Jews, Muslims and Christians - Jews and Arabs have lived together for hundreds of years without any human rights groups to protect us. It wasn't necessary. And we flourished as a religion distinctly. An openly religious community. Distinctly different than the Muslim community and we were able to coexist harmonically and helping each other. So therefore why must you introduce a problematic concept into this community that was so beautifully living together for hundreds of years, which is an agitating problematic element that was introduced and simply caused it to explode. It's as if you were going to remove Zionism you will be removing Judaism. You're removing some type of agitator which has come into this mixture that has simply created havoc and an endless river of bloodshed, and the greatest factory of exacerbating anti-Semitism around the world. Simply remove it, God help speedily and peacefully, and we will have peace on the world. We will once again be able to serve God and Jews are required to show their gratitude for the good done to them by this Arab and Muslim world that is out there. So God help that the world should recognize this support immediately and help and save the people of Gaza and Palestine and the Jewish people who are being oppressed around the world by the Zionists, especially in occupied Palestine. And remove this entity, just as it was done in South Africa to the apartheid and all the issues like that. God help it should be done soon nowadays and will have peace with God's help soon.

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Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss (Monsey, NY, U.S.A., 1943)
Rabbi and Human Rights activist

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