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When I joined the program I had a lot of concerns and questions , and no one could answer them better than the students who went through the same path the old cohorts didn't let my cohort in uncertainty for long They managed two virtual conference meetings one during the interviews period and the one after the admission in order to answer all of our concerns regarding the program in general, the requirements of getting admitted into the universities and to avoid the mistakes that they did in their first years, and also how to accumulate ourselves into a new culture From day one in the program I felt I was engaged in the #SABIC_Youth community Then we travelled to study abroad and left our families behind. left our comfort zone ,safehaven, and biggest fans! It takes lots of courage to leave all of that behind and leave to a mysterious ambiguous andover; becoming an expat! When I came to this place, Shanghai, China, I had this fear the fear that you get when you step into foreign territories when you get out of your comfort zone Luckily however, my fellow SABIC scholars helped with everything I could think of without even asking and provided me with something I thought would be very hard to provide, Family!! and I know that all of you had the same sense of belonging belongingness to something very big Because of our studies in Japan was all in Japanese, we had one month English program to enhance our english skills in the UK in Leeds Once we arrived there in Leeds we were welcomed by one of the students, who studies there, in the airport He showed us around the city and he also showed us our accommodation, and the university facilities He was a big help for the whole duration we stayed in Leeds until we went back to Japan although we didn't know him until that time The sense of family among SABIC students is so valuable The trust and care that we feel toward each other even though many of us have never met in person I've personally witnessed that on many occasions I once had an 18-hour layover in Chicago and as soon as I posted this on my Snapchat two of SABIC students who live in Chicago texted me and they insisted that I stay the night at their homes and this is not the only story Another great thing about this community, that it has some of the highest achieving, most successful students in the country From what I have seen, the most common quality among them is that they are all very highly ambitious Some might be more ambitious that others but the thing about ambition is that it grows and adapts when one is surrounded with successful people To me this is the key benefit that #SABIC_Youth gain they get to know each other motivate each other, and collectively improve together Personally an older SSP colleague Ammar, was a torch of inspiration During his studies, Ammar's name has never left the dean's list which is reserved for the top 5% of the engineering students in my university His achievements has motivated my academic ambitions and praise to Allah I was able to graduate with a first class honor in Mechanical Engineering And as part of my senior project developed an optimizational algorithm to solve some of the common complex engineering problems This algorithm is currently utilized in my university to solve some of the optimization problems they face Such success stories fuel a flame of motivation and ambition that is handed over from one cohort to the next Our cohort has certainly received that flame and I hope that we were successful in passing it to our successors Hand by hand We are going to accomplish more

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