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Contraception and Abortion

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Why is abstinence so important and how does fertility work? Well abstinence is the avoidance of sexual intercourse and fertility is the ability to reproduce. About 400 eggs are released through ovulation during a woman's fertile life. This is why safe sex is so important! So how can you avoid getting pregnant? There are several ways to have safe sex like a diaphragm. A diaphragm? Yes, a female condom. Does that even work? Well of course, however not all contraceptives are 100% reliable. Therefore always remember to withdrawal. But what if I forget?! !?!?!?!?!? Take an emergency contraceptive! Is an emergency contraceptive the same as Plan B, because if so pharmacies carry them over the counter. The pill reduces pregnancy by 89%. Is that what an emergency contraceptive is? Yes, good job! But remember wearing a condom is like a double headed sword by combating both pregnancies and STD's. STD's ?!?!?!?!? Yes, STD's are many contagious diseases gotten through intimate sexual contact. So using contraception is the best way to prevent pregnancy and STD's! Oh, I guess I better get rid of that stuff, huh? Yes, please be careful with that stuff! Thank you! So what else do you want to know? Let's talk about babies!!! Relax, Relax! Let's take a closer look! Okay, let's do it! Always remember, NO GLOVE NO LOVE! Unless of course you're planning on getting pregnant. So you better be careful! FINE!!! Like I was saying, pregnancy doesn't happen right away, the semen forms a pool in the vagina near the cervix. This is called the seminal pool. It's right below the uterus. So standing up won't empty the pool and douching won't help either. However, one method of preventing future pregnancy is using spermicide. Spermicide is a chemical agent that kills sperm. So, how long does it take to actually get pregnant? It could take up to 6 days to just fertilize the egg and then another 6 days to plant the egg. If you decide not to use spermicide, the sperm continues on to the uterus and eventually reaches the fallopian tubes. When they arrive, they wait for an egg, when the egg comes, science shows that the egg picks only one sperm to fertilize itself. Which is a NO NO for non-expecting mothers. But, she is not pregnant yet, until the sperm and the egg create a zygote, which is a one-cell combination of the sperm and the egg. Next, the zygote turns into a multi-cell pre-embryo, and then 4 days later it implants itself to the wall of the uterus. The baby actually starts to form when the pre-embryo releases hormones that prevent menstruation. When a woman learns she is no longer getting her period and that she is pregnant, she may decide she is not ready to have a baby. That is when the idea of abortion is thought of? As a matter of fact... OH-NO! Abortion is the artificial induced removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus. Sometimes that may be the best choice for mothers, but the idea is debatable. But if she decides to have a baby, she may risk having a miscarriage, contrastingly the baby could be happy and healthy. But to avoid all misconceptions, items such as birth control, male condoms, and oral contraceptives can be used to practice safe sex!

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A visual explanation of contraceptive methods that help prevent STD's, unexpected pregnancies, and other risk factors.

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