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Don't Be A DUMBASS pt.1

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Hello, this is Evangelist Mother Tucker and we gonna talk to the young ladies today. and we gonna help to try to get you on the right path, a path to good sense/common sense you know, whatever you wanna call it. Now, if you got a so called man that's knockin you up side the head for breakfast. You get at least 2 lumps for breakfast, you get 2 or 3 lumps for lunch ooh then you get a double dose for dinner. You knocked over the couch and all other of old crazy shit. Well, Mother's gonna help you see the light. Now, if you got somebody doin that to you then they try to flip the script on you and tell you you know I'm doin this because i love you. And you pressed the right buttons and so I knocked yo ass out. If he turn around and tell you some thangs that make you feel guilty about the whole situation and make it appear that it was yo fault and you believe it. Then you thinking, if I had not done such & such then i wouldn't have a black eye on top of a black eye. Well , if you believe all that Mother is here today to let you know that you're stuck on stupid. And I'm here to set yo DUMBASS right. It aint none of yo fault. If he's a real man he would never, put his hands on you. That aint love, that's not true love. That's a street version that's some gutter bullshit love. And if you fall for it you are what Mother would say YOU ARE A DUMBASS. Now it's time to come out of DUMBASS-dum And you wondering well we can't see your face. Well this is the same picture this is the same thing you see when yo eye balls is swoll up. So, right now you don't need to see my face. All you need to do is hear my voice hear what I'm trying to tell you and do something about your current jacked up ass situation. Now some women I'm not gonna say they not smart. I'm not gonna even say you crazy, but some women like for a man to come in and beat the hell out of them. That's just the kinda stuff, that's just the way they are. I can't explain it, but for those of you who want to change. Mother is beginning a series called Stop Being A DUMBASS (Don't Be A DUMBASS) This was the beginning of lesson 1. Lesson 2 will be coming up in a couple of days. (a week) So, you need to make sure you tune in and check it out. Now, if you're a DUMBASS and don't know you a DUMBASS Mother gonna let you know about that too. So take your feelings and all that kinda stuff and put it in the cupboard cause Mother may say some things that just don't sit right with you. But that's ok too. So i will see you all, well you will get a chance to see me in a couple of days (a week). Until then, keep your mouth shut stay in the closet or whatever you have to do to keep from getting the knots upside your head. And I will talk to you all soon.

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Posted by: mothertucker on May 12, 2011

In this video Mother talks about the dumb things people do thinking it's love. The screen appears black but listen and Mother will explain why. Listen, Learn & Share!!

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