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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~21:43:28 - 21:58:48

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You look like the eldest daughter with older brothers... People say that often. Behaving that way on purpose. Mr. Nagaya looks definitely like the first son. More like the third son. You are definitely the youngest kid. Exactly. What time is it? Passed 10:00. Shall we adjourn? Is the parking OK? Until 10:00? I remember... I'll go have a look. Is the parking nearby? My hands smell like cheese... Cheese? Did you eat cheese? Wash your hands. This? This? Probably. If it's smelly, don't sniff. Strange. Some women try to smell everything. I do that sometimes. Smell your hands. Something new. When you eat food. I do that! I do that. Even if it's smelly, you eat it anyway. No, I don't. When you go to Disney Land, I'll go with you. What? I'm not with him. Not with him. You want to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean. Don't worry. Let's go. They would not let me go on. Go with this Disney Mania. Which rides they will let you go on? Definitely not the roller coaster. Yeah definitely not. A large signboard says that. What if you tell them you are not...? How can you in a wheelchair? "Just let me in a wheelchair today..." "My leg hurts a bit today." It's too obvious. Too funny. Lecture on the theory of relativity.... Funny. Really. I'm... I like that girl. Which one? One in yellow? Oh, no. Oh, no? How rude... She's not my type. I like shapely ones. Pretend... I don't look at people around me. I'll go to the bathroom one more time. Will Mr. Kano come back? In 20 minutes. For 20 minutes, you can.... The big one? Thank you very much. That's right. From now? Until you go home? The camera.... What! While I'm sleeping, and when I wake up... They've been in your room? Since I was sleeping this morning. Having black-out. That's right. When I woke up to the alarm, and turned it off with a grumpy face, it was there already. What happens when you bathe? Today... No shooting when you bath or get changed? Why do they chase you that much? Changing clothes, I hide behind a door. The camera shoots the door. For bath... The film is mainly for non-Japanese... To show that you soak in the tub... I put a bath towel around me and they shoot from a lower angle. Not from the upper angle. A bathing scene? Oh la la! Shall I clip that part and give it you? Like adult videos, 24 hours shooting... Mr. Nagaya, you do the same. Yeah, that's it. Mr. Nagaya, what happened to the DVD I gave you before you went to America? What DVD? What DVD? Really, ... has too many adult DVDs! It's ridiculous. You all have too many of those. It's impossible! Because... has a lot more. I guess. That is something. When I..., not too many people had PCs. I went and came back, and everybody had them. In my time, everybody had brought a PC. Let's see, by 2002 everybody must have had one. When 98 came out, everybody bought it. That's right. Or, as 98 became available... Companies introduced computers in the office. That's right. I touched a computer for the first time in my office. A real early model of Macintosh. With it, I learned about the internet and how email works. But I hesitated to buy a PC immediately. I ended up buying Saurus. Oh, no! I bought 8, and broke the liquid crystal panel. Then I bought Fujitsu, and it got a virus, and I knocked it down and broke the panel. You can buy a PC with your company discount. Oh, the other day... I looked at the new recruits' portal site and found a mail. The i-mode, F704? The new one? They'll sell it for 6,000 yen before the launch. Internal price of 6,000 yen per unit. Before putting it in the market, they will send it to us. I thought it was cheap! A kind of monitor? A part of it, I guess. Let new recruits use it and see how it works and if there are any problems. Data may be destroyed. I know, that's possible. But I was impressed. Newest mobile phones are quite a waste. Too much... Emails, calls, and internet... That's enough. Was parking all right? Yes, no problem. Scared, I brought it out though. Now it's in front of here. When... Change the cell phone... If you have a good chance... Like girls... Have two cell phones. What? You can buy that. If I have two cell phones... Really? Really? Do you know this? ― Can't do that... ― I will buy a cell phone. Has two apartments... That apartment... Like "Oh, that one." "Come on, the inside is nice." What now? I am going to Ginza now. Gotta go back to Ginza, I have exams tomorrow at school. I have to go to Ginza. What's tomorrow's exam? Tomorrow's exam? Tomorrow's exam is human resources management and cultural economics. Should you be chewing the fat here? You're right. Are you an economics major? Yes, I have two papers to write too. I have not finished those papers. Just write blah blah blah blah... I have a reputation of being a good student. No, no. I was a bad student before the injury. That's what happens in Japan... Becoming handicapped, a bad person turns good. That's right. I don't know why. However, this one... Yeah, this one, too... But the other day, in your journal, you complained about students at your college. Not because of their academic level, but because of their common sense. I am bothered by their manners. Old lady. Why? You can't stand somebody sitting on the floor in a train. Right? I'd tell them I don't allow it! Would you chase away someone sitting in the priority seat? I'd ask them to vacate the seat. I'm in a wheelchair after all. I often when I'm with a cane on a train... I really wonder why they don't give me a seat. Hit them with your cane. If I go visibly leaning on my cane... Maybe they realize that I'm... Hit them with full swing... What? My straight posture doesn't help.

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Producer: Irene Herrera
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Posted by: globallivesjapan on Nov 7, 2009

GL Japan Tape 17 (ii)

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