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Dion Deva - Prezantimi projektit TE PEMA

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My name is Dion Deva Co- founder of “TE PEMA” project Our projects goal is providing green spaces Throughout the project we realized that efficiency comes as the sum of Ecology and Technology Not by accident we started with the saying “It’s not always the best to be the first “. Taking into account that Pristina (capital city of Kosovo) during the recent years where the air quality measured it We decided not to stand by but take a shot against the problem Our first goal is raising awareness about air pollution and air quality What we accomplished is a product which helps solve the problem As you can see, this is the product. And the accomplishment exceeded even our own expectations. The product is named TE PEMA T TE PEMA T (T=Technology, E=Ecology, Pema=Tree) letter T because of its shape if viewed upside down. One of TE PEMA T Product has 250 integrated plants where they absorb at minimum 120T carbon dioxide per year by a product its effect is equal to 70 Tropical Trees So, 70 Trees is the unit of measurement we used. Taking into consideration urban cities in particular Pristina as a capital city we save space around 80 times Basically, 70 trees stationed in 2 meters height After completion the price came to be 5 times cheaper than that of the competition With this kind of product, we are the first on the Balkan region and the second worldwide The first being a German company. Working principle In fact, all of the work is done by the product itself Oxygen production and air filtering through the plants Plants are vertically housed, parallel to one another which allows proper airflow and increases product capacity. On the upper part is a water collector which collects precipitation filters it and transfers the water to the main reservoir Connected to the reservoir is a pump activated by our micro controller which takes the collected water and waters plants Also it has manual way to fill the tank The prototype offers recreational space and includes 4 stoles, 2 tables, lights for nighttime the plants release a pleasant smell which can be noticed once one is close enough The idea is not to stop here Why would we stop here? The prototype is currently in “Zahir Pajaziti “ Main Square as a gift to the municipality of Pristina It was presented on all local Media, in DocuTech Technology Fair, Green Festival, Innovation Centre Kosovo, UNICEF Innovations LAB Also nominated from a foreign organization named Energy Globe (Award) in two categories Nationally – For Fighting air pollution in Pristina Internationally – in the category of Air It is the biggest project implemented by Upshift in Kosovo Chosen as the 2018 innovation on Green Festival And one of the winners of bootcamp ICK Municipality of Pristina is currently interested on building 9 more TE PEMA T Units and 1 TE PEMA TXL unit to be placed around the city. All of this would not have been possible without voluntary work We thank UNICEF, Municipality of Pristina, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering(UP) and ICK Our next target is creating a product with higher capacity and efficiency, equal to 170 trees How are we going to achieve this? Firstly, by duplicating dimensions, by adding Moss inside the product using solar energy for power and using sensors to monitor plants state and fully complete the autonomy of the product. These are my colleagues with which we made this possible. Genti Morina and Blondin Batusha

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Posted by: diondeva on May 24, 2019

Prezentimi i projektit TE Pema. Start up TE PEMA.

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