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Recent Child CrossOvers 2: Life after Death Research: Desteni

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Desteni Interdimensinal Interview: Recent Child CrossOvers 2 - Life after Death Research. Hi my name is Ryan, Derek, and..I died when I was..four years old.. my father killed me..we lived in a trailer park..and.. I'm here to say something, though..that.. you know how many children are being killed in this world, by their parents.. and no one knows about it? How many children are, being..killed by their parents, babies.. and no one knows about it? I'm not known of..because no one cares. You know, for instance like..we live in that trailer park, and I didn't even know anyone.. I didn't go to school..because, I my dad didn't have money and he's always 'drank'. When he did, gotten from work from day.. and he buy bread..and he buy jam. so I lived on bread and jam. evenings always.. There wasn't any other children, around..I was alone. I didn't have anyone, so I was alone..and.. therefor no one will ask questions, ever..about..children that died.. So..yea, my father killed me he was.. drunk on one evening and he got angry and he..hit me with a baseball bat. I always asked him to play with that with me but he never wanted to, so he killed me with it..when I asked him. One day, I said: 'daddy can I please play baseball with you?' One evening it was one evening..and he was drunk, not 'drunk' but.. You know, you could have played baseball with me. I thought maybe that if you'd be drunk you'd say Yes..but it just made him angry. and.. For now, i'd say parent shouldn't have children.. because it's the children, I mean the relationship with parents and children.. i'd say at this not 'reflecting' you personally, parents. it is reflecting the world. with each..person in the world reflects, the world. and.. I wouldn't have children..just, not because of my experience, only. It's because of what children are going through at the moment in the world. and parents it not just you don't take it personally, it's just the world..the entire world. Now I thought..i'm in heaven. (smile) and..i'm with children who have similar experiences as I do.. and..what i'm doing at the moment is.. i'm looking for people near them in their world or something, to have them 'know them'.. forming, kind of like 'support relationships'..that will help.. when something might happen, where they can run to..if something like happen like that. So i'm helping them to have support in their world.. because, parents don't understand their children.. and sometimes, some other better. Ok, so that's what I wanted to so, so i'm going to bring the next child. Thank you. but it's spelled 'v e r m i..u..' (oh!) 'JL' (laugh) Hello! my name is Diana Ray, and..I died when I was 'two and a half' years old. Because I was born 'ill'..I was born in my mother's..'re, you're not born in your mother's womb, you're developed in there, 'Sorry' (laugh), and.. but all my bones, were all, like..crumbly and wasn't, strong enough? and, there was something wrong with my heart and my blood..float, so.. I..anyway something wrong when I got born..bones broken things like that.. So! I died when I was two and a half years old.. because of that..and it was painful..(correct) It was very not, it was very not..not not, wonderful, and.. Well, when I was born I wondered, well is it suppose.. is it the way it's supposed to be? Because that's the way you're born you know, you kind of.. when you are born 'like that' you'd, just what you'd wonder.. but when I die, I realize: 'no silly, (laugh) that's not the way you're born' but anyway, so I realize in terms of my birth I wasn't supposed to be 'born' anyway. I'm suppose to be in 'heaven'..where i'm able to.. (hesitate).. I don't have a word, it's like.. Do what i'm supposed to do, what everyone supposed to do. but it's not a 'supposed to' but 'it is' It's not supposed to, it's not has to be done, that's why. It has to be done. and..I am 'greatful'! that i'm in heaven, because.. on earth I would have been.. would have been more difficult for me to be me, if you know what I mean. Yes. I mean, I was two and a half years old..child.. children are aware hey! ..we see things..but we just can't talk about it. So maybe! ..we can have babies talk the moment they are born (smile).. so that parents can hear their perspectives. that ought to be..but you're hearing a baby's perspective now, (smile) anyway. So..yes..we see what goes on in parents and people when they are born.. I mean, No! when we are born..and they're grown ups, and.. we see what's going on there, but we just can't talk about it.. and then we get older we forget about it. but it's not really 'forget', it's like..suppressed. (yes) So maybe just a little insert.. (surprise) is that forgetfulness has got to do with suppression of 'self' (smile) Ok! ..that's me..and i'm in heaven and i'm enjoying myself. and.. Yea! that's me. ok! bye. (laugh) More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: You can assist Research by Identifying family of these children: [email protected] CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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Take part in the research by identifying the family of these children- 2

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