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C5L2: Groundies On The Run

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You know sometimes we have to use these ball feeding drills you know its not my favorite, I prefer to have your students play. In this case with line of the ball not a bad idea to with some players do some basket feeding drills and just hit balls on the run. Looking for this line of the ball. First thing we talked about was keeping your head on straight, your eyes should be looking pretty much forward into the court. Your head may move just a little bit, and I say under react because the first move is just getting oriented to this flight of the ball. You are facing the 45, see how he his moving facing the 45 and you've got to remember you have a racket in your hand. See the ball, see how his racket moves incrementally as the ball gets to him. See the ball through the eyes of the strings. Imagine if your racket face there had some sunglasses on and eyes behind it. Keep tracking the ball through the eyes of the strings. Thats the best way to judge the distance of this line of the ball and how it falls into your 45 degree angle. You are waiting there at the 45 and your watching the line of the ball, and keeping your eyes forward. Then you expand and extend out to the 45 degree angle. You really want to pay attention to these things cause its this first move and this view point. The way you look at the ball that really help you with your peripheral vision. Like a quarterback the way he keeps his head on still but slightly cocked to the 45 as he is looking for all the receivers. The other thing is to move incrementally right, you are always told by everyone beat the ball into position, get there early. Thats really not when you are going to hit your best shot. In fact that is probably when your players are going to choke the most. Good shot there Warren! Thats when they choke the most because they have too much time to think and their momentum stops. So you see how when Paul when the ball wasn't feed that wide he gets there slowly and Warren had to move a little quicker but they both want to get there right as they are extended at the hit. Thats when you are going to get your highest quality hit. Believe me there is a qualitative difference in the ball further away from you. When that ball is feed to you and immediately struck this gives you information, you already see where it came from so you can see the line getting started. You see the height as it rises over the net. In order to really move slowly and efficiently you've got to keep your head on straight and you've got to not overreact on that first move. Look how they keep their rackets in front of them, relatively in front of them judging the distance between the ball and their racket. As they bring their hips forward and extend into the hit. Now I didn't show you here but make sure to practice your backhands as well.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 11, 2014

Let's use "the line of the ball" for better anticipation and judgement on the run.

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