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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~10:00:31 - 10:15:31

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Oh. ― Ah? ― Are we building a house? But that's not what it's for. ― Andrey! You want to build a house? ― Yeah. You are not going to live there. Roma and I... ― OK, you will. ― Andrey. Come on, I will build in the meantime. Roma! What about the house? Like this! To sit here. ― Roma! ― Huh? ― Let's do it. ― What? ― Build a house. ― You build one for yourself and I will build one for myself. You have two poufs and I have one. You have to. There. There. ― These... ― Let's take the pillows too. ― Me! I... a lot! No! Zhanna, come. ― Together. ― No! Are you going to play hide and seek? I heard too. ― Are you going to play hide and seek? ― Yes! ― Are you going to play hide and seek? ― Are you playing hide and seek? Who did this? Are you doing homework? ― Are you going to play hide and seek? ― No. I am doing my homework. Zhanna. ― Come here Zhanna. ― What? Zhanna! Zhanna! Zhanna! Zhanna! Let me finish the homework, OK? Let me finish writing. She will finish her homework and then she will... Hurry up Zhanna. There she is Zhanna. Come on. You are not getting passed me! Roma! What where you told? Banana, my teeth hurt. Very much. Kairat. Kairat. Zhanna is running on purpose. Tell her not to run. ― Zhanna… ― You can't make them run! ― Don’t run on purpose. Did you understand Zhanna? Play! Go study! Come on, to school. Bring your bag here, go! Study! Running here! ― What are you doing? ― This. You are doing it too long. Do this way. Well, start from here. ― Did you understand? ― I can't do it this way. This is quicker. Try. Start from the top. No, no, no. Start from the top this way. ― From the top do like “E”. ― OK. Like “E”. Now bring it down to the bottom, lower it. So, this way. But do it nicer. OK? ― Are you done? ― Yes. Look. No, now do this one, this one. Now bring it down, right, yes. Yes. Tilt it a little bit, yeah Do it, do it. Excellent! Good girl, my daughter! Do a little bit this way. Pen… this way. Look, now tilt it a little bit. Do you see this line? OK, OK, do the next one. Good girl, banana! Good girl! ― Where are your drawing supplies? ― Ah? There? OK. After you are done with this, draw later, OK? ― This… ― What! ― Please, do this. ― What? ― Again. ― Oh, wait, wait. Sit. This one! Oh, sorry, sorry. ― What will you draw? ― Ah? ― What picture will you draw? ― This one. ― This one. ― Aha, OK. ― She is not sitting comfortably, Kairat. ― Why? ― Can you reach the table? ― Yes. ― Sit. ― Mum, I am done. ― Yes? I am done. ― I am done. ― Good girl, my daughter! ― Whoopee! ― Here? ― Will you write more or you're done? ― More. ― More? Will you write letters? ― How? You know “one”, don’t you? You know “two”, “three”. What don't you know? Five. Isn’t ‘five’ difficult for you? ― This… ― Oh, no. ― This is a writing exercise book, we can not write ‘five’ here. Do you understand? The math was here. ― Wait. ― This is not math. ― This one? ― It's not math. ― Then what is it? ― This is... ― Then where is the math? ― I don't know. This is not math either. Where is your math? Where is my daughter’s math? ― Or maybe you will draw? ― To the teacher. ― But you already handed it in. ― No. ― OK, I will bring the math exercise book Zhanna. ― At home, mommy… ― Ah? ― At home mom. ― The other one, right? Wait. Wow! These are beautiful! ― You have a math exercise book. ― Yes, here. ― I had this one. ― Yes? It looks like a piggy. And this looks like a piggy too. And you look like a piggy. Look. I am still doing this. Wait, let’s do it here.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 116
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Oct 20, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 10:00-10:15 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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