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I've been so many places, in my life and time I sung a lot of songs, made some bad rhymes Acted out my life in stages, 10,000 people watching... and we're alone now and I'm singing this song to you. ♪Feeling myself, I'm looking damn good!♪ ♪I'm feeling myself, I wish a ni**a would!♪ Momo! And the purple is just bam! Like, you want it... you know? Which one? I'd go with the BAM... ♪I'm feeling myself, I'm feeling damn good!♪ So In love, So In love... quarters, dimes, nickels, whatever, we spend it, thank you! Thank you, thank you, sister on the phone don't want to contribute... Oh wow, look at this beautiful girl right here... You have a blessed day, take care, and teach her some chess... Alright, thank you ladies and gentleman, have a blessed evening, see you later, take care! Mr. Gregory! What's happening hot mama? How are you doing? I'm good, how are you doing? Lord have mercy...always a flirt... One day I'm gonna find out what's under that quilt! Awe man!!!! Is that momma's baby? Say Yeah... She got you smelling like the funky outdoors... Give her the groceries Scooter. Why can't Scooter put the groceries away? He's not staying... He's my man, not my maid. Now get to the groceries... You rolled your eyes? No! Alright... I know your image of me was what I hoped to be... You treated me unkindly.... But darling, can't you see... Stop singing that song in my house. Where's my stroller? Hello???? Mo? What do you think pop has been up to? I don't know... he's probably dead. Stop trying to change the subject, where's my stroller? Do you really want to know where it is? What do you think Mo? Okay... I was at the park... And Keeta and them from school showed up... Keeta? Yes, Nakeeta and... her manly friends come to the park... And they start swinging on the swings and smoking... Around my daughter? Weed!! Oh no, she's done! Give me her number. I'm calling her mama! Woah woah, I'm not finished yet... I'm not finished... So I decided to be the bigger woman, and get out of there. And she snatched the stroller from me and almost knocked poor Noa out of my hands... WHAT!!!?!?!? You didn't fight? No... What do you mean you didn't fight? I threw sand in her eyes... That's two paychecks!!!! What do you mean you didn't fight??? Oh my God it's over, I am fucking that bitch up! Can't we just call the police? What are the police going to do, I 'm gonna put my foot up her ass! I will Antoine Dobson that bitch! Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife! I can get gangsta for my daughter and Keet is about to find out too! Yo, don't we have another stroller in the basement? I don't want that raggedy ass stroller! Stop playing with me Mo! You really think Pop is dead? Who cares about Pop, I want my damn stroller! I said stop playing with me! You need to hurry the fuck up and give me my muthafucking money! You said you were gonna have the shit two weeks ago! Oh really, that's how it is? What? Come get it then! You gonna get your money when I give it to you, that's what it's going to be! I run this, I will put your ass in a muthafucking wheel chair! You better have my $500 dollars tomorrow! Keep running, run and get my money! Meet me at ... if you want your money, Muthafucka! Raspberry, I like it though... right, it's so good! Cheers! Mo, you sure you don't want one? No, I'm good! Oh you're sure huh? They're good though, why are you always eating those candies? Cause they're good... Duh... oh, well I don't like them... Hello? Mina! Yeah, where are you? You're supposed to be here already. Umm, I am...I'm in the Bronx... What are you doing in the Bronx? Brigham Lane... does that ring a bell? Are you on your way? Listen, it doesn't matter where, something came up... You need to be here, because I need to leave, these tickets are non-refundable. I already bought the tickets and you know that, right? I'm really, really sorry Mina...I know you bought the tickets, I will buy you new tickets. Why are you in the Bronx? Did you find my stroller in the Bronx? Huh? Did you find that? I hope you find some damn sense in the Bronx... You need to get your ass back to this house! Mina I found him... Who? Pop! I found him in time to invite him to my party! No, you are not going to invite him to MY HOUSE, to the birthday party that I am throwing you! It's my party, I live there too... Your father ain't never been shit, he ain't never been shit to us, to me, his granddaughter, so just stop playing yourself! What is wrong with you? People can change and I'm going to give him the chance... I just need you to... Let it be! You're gonna wish you listened to me, are you coming here? Hello??? Hello!?!? Mina, I'm going to do this..I need you to let me do this! I gotta go! Momo! What's all this huh? Look, I ain't here to play no games... I want my money. You don't recognize me pop? Monifah! It's been a long time since anybody called me Monifah. You uhhh, you look the same... You got a little thicker... Wow!!!! Okay.... you couldn't even wait for like the second round to get that jab in... You couldn't wait huh? So...uh, what you been up to? Chasing down progress, and improving myself... You gotta be in isolation to do that? Some would say... Cool. No you wouldn't happen to have my money now would you? Oh maybe I do, maybe I don't. Maybe you do, maybe you don't? Either you have it or you don't little miss... I learned to hedge my bets... strategize a little bit. I learned it playing chess... I know. Can I ask you something? Why do you have my name tattooed on your arm? Had to find something to cover up some old evil bitches name... It was either this or Foxy Brown, with her titties all hanging out. Nah, you got Momo cause it's flyyy. You gonna have all those dudes in the chess league looking for that Momo stamp. Taking all their shit! Mo, Mo Mo.... They gonna be like, I need to get one of those Momo stamps... brother! You still playing baby? No... You ain't playing chess? Who am I going to play chess with? Really? Listen, umm, I know you came for your money but, that's for you... Is there $500 in here? Why don't you look at it? No, this isn't my scene Mo. Not your scene? You know what I'm talking about... Yeah. Yeah I know. I gotta go. Monifah... What time does it start? Six. I don't know where you stay... That's okay, I can come meet you. Yeah alright. Say what? I didn't... Alright! So I'll see you there, and don't be late. Look Mina, I'm sorry. I'm not even speaking to you right now. Did he tell you what you wanted to hear? I thought you weren't speaking to me? Shut up! He said he's coming to the party. What happened? You okay? Okay, let me get you some ice, alright? Here... I got it. Thank you. You want one of these? One of what? You still eat these? I still remember the first time you gave me one. Hell... this has been my favorite candy, ever since-- Watch your mouth! And no, I don't eat that shit, it's bad for your teeth. Okay. Look, I'm sorry Mo. It's fine, it's fine. Listen, if I get you something to wear, will you still come? You just, you just not gonna give up huh? No. I see you grew into those eyes just like your mama, what is her evil ass up to? She passed. Last year. I'll ummm, I'll wait for you. How did she die? Diabetes, we just didn't know she had it. Fuck! What? Mo, I can't wear this... you see these stains under here? It's fine. You see this? Mo, I can't wear this. I'll get you something else. Don't worry about it, I ain't going. You said you were going. Monifah look, go to your party, I ain't going. I ain't going! You promised, you promised. Fine. I can't remember that song we used to sing. I tried, but I can't. Will you sing it with me? I don't sing. That's not true pop, that's not true. Everyone used to want to sing like you. I said I don't sing. I still talk to people who remember hearing you outside their window. Come on... sing... I've been so many places in my life and time... I sung alot of songs, made some bad rhymes... I've acted out my life in stages, with 10,000 people watching... Shut that shit up! But we're alone now and I'm singing this song for you... Monifah please... don't provoke me.... I know your image of me is what I hoped to be... Mo, I asked you nicely... You treated me unkindly, darling can't you see... I said, STOP singing! No, no, no, I'm sorry... this is your part, this is your part... Mo! I don't want to hear this shit! I remember, I remember, I love you... In a space where there's no place or time... I love you... MO SHUT UP!!!! I love you... Hey, that party ain't going anywhere. Sit down. You okay? It's okay... it's okay, go ahead and cry, go ahead. He just wouldn't... he just.... he just wouldn't Just let it out, it's okay, I'm here for you... I know Mina. I'm here. It's okay. Shhhhhhhhh. So where did you get the money from for a new stroller? Consider it a gift from Willie, orrrr from Pop, whichever. Did she just roll her eyes at me sucking that pickle like a skank? Yep, cause she is a skank and a scary skank! You better tell your scary skanky friend to leave me alone, I lost one stroller, I'm not losing another one I tell you that!

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