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Anton Lavey 2 - The Trinity of Lucifer, Devil and Satan explained

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Anton Szandor LaVey 2 This is Anton LaVey and I am continuing so and then, another fascinating event took place you could see, you had a Lucifer, entity you had a Satan entity and you had a devil entity oh yes, you had now Lucifer but that was only one, existence, fascinating you had Lucifer ok? Lucifer, let's say Lucifer was the god, ok? the devil was then the spirit of the god, Lucifer and Satan was the son ok, now isn't that like similar to the god depiction of the bible? that is fascinating, but yet, the gods manifested in different forms in different heavens you know, you sort of: What is going on here? this is fascinating, this was so intriguing! because for me! crossing over- seeing this I suppose it was fortunate to a certain extent because the moment I crossed over I was placed in front of this entire existence you had multiple different gods, in their heavens and you actually had beings in those heavens experiencing themselves and here, you had like a- the 'hell' existence yes, it was actually a hell existence but you know what is fascinating thing? that hell existence was actually a manifestation of earth! I looked at the situation, I said: Wait a minute I just died, here I am standing in front of- multiple gods with multiple heavens, different heavens different beings who had died who had certain beliefs in a god and a heaven would go there and, here is one existence there is Lucifer, you have the devil Satan, earth! and then human beings who believed in devil Satan, or Lucifer would go to this existence, but it's an earth world! it was exactly like earth! I say: Wait a minute actually got excited I was like: hum, what's going on here! I want to find out because this is fascinating, because- the the Lucifer devil Satan existence was an actual depiction of god- and the bible and- but god here! it's not how it's depicted in the bible, what's going on here? and so I had a 'beautiful opportunity' so I- asked that question what I put it? oh yah, so me being a sly as I am I found a method to 'cloak' myself, and I went to each and every single one of them ok? so I had the ability to like get into these heavens with no one being aware of me and go and investigate this whole situation and well first I had to go into a little bit of 'hiding' in the dimensions to be able to see how I'm able to do this most of the information I found, was through demons who said they knew how to get in without being detected and that's where my fun started so I went into this 'hell' which was actually a manifestation of earth there was Lucifer and you want to know an interesting thing? they were actually enjoying themselves you know, fuck you had Lucifer there you had the human beings Lucifer manifesting on this earth, another earth in an interdimensional experience Satan, the devil and they are fucking having fun, they are creating, and I had fun there and like then you go to these god heavens I went into each and every single different one I mean Jesus there were- multiple and there is this god! you know essence, this voice, just a voice and you know you had your heaven which depicted in the bible, with the angels and you know the people they're walking in these little roads and all serious and stuff and then you had your other beliefs what do you call it? people there are so many but the difference is magnificent, the difference was personally! people, go to hell you know (laugh) on earth, say to them, 'go to hell' because that's fun if you wanna go to a god or some heaven, you're going to get lost exceptionally and, you know because you think that when you go to hell, in the terms of the belief of it here on earth you burn in some infinite hell but, that's not it so I wondered: Ok, why are these people having fun? where is the hell, depicted in terms of where you burn and stuff? do you want to know where it was? you know by that god heavens? they actually had a hell at the bottom, of that whole beautiful 'god', heaven experience that there was a hell, and the beings were burning, infinitely what? what is going on here? just because of a belief, these beings were placed in a hell and they were 'apparently' burning infinitely just an idea I could walk into that hell with those beings burning infinitely fucking nothing happened to me human being's beliefs just beliefs and you know what that- that existence was with a Lucifer and a Satan and a devil was the one I- you know enjoyed here on earth you know when you pray and worship to Satan, and the devil and then the Lucifer whatever here on earth that's where you go and that's fun you know but then, in terms of when you have a belief in a god and a heaven and a hell from perspective of religion, that's where you'd go! actually! in the dimensions fascinating so, what happened to me, is I enjoyed myself with Lucifer, and the devil and Satan for awhile and of course in terms of their influence here on earth it was quite extensive they had some- they were actually let's say the demons kind of spawned from there from the Lucifer, Satan and the devil existence and human beings it's fascinating because what it looked like is you had earth now let's take that one billion people believing in a god in a heaven and in a hell all of those beings beliefs right that one belief in your mind which you actually 'live' you actually live that, you actually power that belief- that one belief and because of that- generated energy you compound inside you because of that belief that you live a line, is actually stretched from top of your head, to that 'heaven' to that 'god entity', to that hell! and that's how that existence is maintained, in the dimensions and that's with- multiple beings coming together with same belief inside them makes you wonder- gives you some different perspective so, I'll continue in the part three and I'll tell you how everything has changed just in a nutshell and fascinating stuff For more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Rudolf Steiner, Clarence Seward Darrow, Sir Francis Bacon CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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