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Hitler 13 - Returning to innocence

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ADOLF HITLER INTERVIEW 13 Return to Innocence (Part 1) Hi there! This is... Adolf Hitler and I'm here to communicate about Innocence. It may sound strange and bizarre that it comes from the most... ...vicious human being in and of this world, though I have... and I am a being. And... so many human beings in this world... so many ideas and perceptions of the reason why I had done what I had done because they did not understand why. See, human beings still see themselves and still see each other as Life, as... 'alive', when, during my life experience here on Earth, what I saw and what I still see was not. It's... systems - it was systems, it was demons. At the moment, only systems, only minds, minds of thoughts, feelings and emotions walking around, obliviously, ignorant, taking for granted every single breath you take, taking for granted every breeze you experience of the wind that blows, every raindrop that falls, every flower that grows, the grapefruit you eat, the very water you drink, you take for granted. And, during my lifetime in my life experience here on Earth, it was the same that I saw that had become of the world: the world... and human beings had become corrupted, annihilating themselves, annihilating each other, disregarding themselves, disregarding each other - the inherent war of inner conflict within each being manifesting as the manifestation of this entire world. So, one man, which is myself, decided to stand up. During that time, the only knowledge I had... ...was war - was creating, manifesting that very conflict that these systems, these mind consciousness systems as human beings allowed and accepted within themselves. And so, I did what I, at that moment, understood was all that could be done: I had to take over the world. Why? Because I knew within that honesty within myself what world I would establish: that world would be where all... is One and Equal. I understood that it would be... one man that has to stand. Yet, within that one man as myself that would stand, all would be One and Equal in the experience of themselves. And it was specifically with regards to the entire money system, because I knew, I have seen and I have experienced how the money system corrupts this world, corrupts human being's minds, possesses them, makes them do things that they wouldn't normally even perceive themselves to be able to do. So, I started changing the money system by using money to manifest... ...a war... with a specific intention... of... manifesting and creating a world within which all is able to experience themselves One and Equal - spreading money equally to all the human beings of the world. Of course, I did not know how I exactly was going to accomplish it, or even do it. But I got far enough. But then, one day before everything had started the war for I made the choice... to stand up, I realized what I had to do: I had to sift out of this world the systems that choose the systems and the systems that would choose Life and walk with me and manifesting a world... which all are One and Equal. Whether they would remain systems,... I did not know. I did not know how I would get the systems out of human beings. But, surely, systems is also able to exist in Oneness and Equality. So therefore, I sift out and divided the two: systems as human beings who would choose systems - a world of poverty, starvation, conflict - and then the human beings who would choose a Life of Equality of all of humanity with me. And... during my years of preparation - I was about 17-18 and I knew already what I had to do, what had to be done - during my later years in anger, anger, frustration started growing inside me, and this anger - but it wasn't an anger, it was more than that: it wasn't anything of this world, it wasn't an emotion - it was a becoming of my being in the entirety of me and... consumed me. And I was crazy! I was insane, I was mad - but I knew what had to be done, I knew this world couldn't continue as it could continue. I needed to fight the systems with its own creations, with its own manifestations. And that's exactly what I did. And those that walked with me walked with me - and they were many. My death was the realization that I wouldn't be able to get done what was necessary to be done - take over this world to manifest it as an Equality of which all human beings are able to experience themselves. But, during that period, there was more at stake and at hand that I perceived to be: more powers of layers of levels of control and... power that I did not intend, that I did not even know exist. Therefore, it was more difficult than what I perceived it to be. Just when I thought: "Man, I've got it!" "I'm going to be able to do this!" "Once and for all send a message to systems:" "'Listen, I am here.'" "'I'm gonna establish Equality in this world,'" "'where money is dispersed equally.'" "'The systems who don't stand with me will go!'" "'I will kill them and I will remove them from this world'" "'because this world will be my world'" "'where money will be Equal!'" This is Hitler. I'll continue in my next interview. Thank you. <i>transcribed by Christophe</i>

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