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Good quality humour

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Eric, son, what are you doing? Dad, I am doing my maths homework. And who is your maths teacher? Semyon Ashotovich. Which one? The one with a moustache? He is not a very good teacher. Yes, it's him. Son, you may not do your homework. He owes me five hundred dollars and he hasn't paid his debt for three years. You'd better go and play football or hide -and -seek. Do something more enjoyable. Don't do your homework. Don't. What if he asks me tomorrow? If he asks you, ask him when he is going to pay off his debt. Go, sonny, go. Have a walk, go. Dear, children. We are beginning our maths lesson. At the previous lesson we were learning to solve complex equations. Today we are going to continue our work on the same subject matter. Yes. No. Yes, headmaster. Of course, headmaster. As soon as the lesson is over, I'll go up to your office. Yes. yes. It's impossible to work like that. Where were we? Yes. Solving complex equations. And we'll start with Eric. Eric! Eric, you will now go to the board and solve a few equations using the knowledge you received at the previous lesson. Sorry? I am telling you to go to the board. I can't hear you. Eric, dear, come out and go to the board. Can you hear me all right? I can't hear you from here. You are sitting five metres away from me and you can not hear me? No, I can't. Ok. Let's check why you can't hear me. Take my seat Go ahead, ask me a question. Let's see how well I can hear you. Semyon Ashotovich, my father asks you when you are going to pay back the money you owe him. Pardon? My dad asks you when you are going to repay your debt. Indeed. You can't hear a thing from here!

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Duration: 3 minutes and 11 seconds
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Producer: S_V
Director: S_V
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Posted by: svetlanat on Sep 22, 2013

Russian humour

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