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Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking. By QualiaSoup. Give someone a fish, and they'll eat that day. Teach them how to catch a fish, and they'll never go hungry. Proverbs like this remind us how learning skills, helps to move us towards self-reliance. This is never more true than with critical thinking. Memorise the solution to a problem, and you may master that particular problem. Improve your critical thinking and you'll give yourself the tools to create your own effective solutions to a multitude of unfamiliar problems. Critical thinking refers to a diverse range of intellectual skills and activities, concerned with evaluating information, as well as our own thought in a disciplined way. When we're willing and able to examine our own capabilities as thinkers, acknowledging problems and weaknesses, this can help us refine our thought processes so that we learn to think and assess information in a more comprehensive way, that increases our ability to identify and reject false ideas and ideologies. Critical thinking isn't just thinking a lot. A person may spend a great deal of intelectual energy defending a flawed position or persuing a question that actually needs reforumalting before progress can begin. If they never examine possible flaws and biases behind their approach, that's not thinking critically. We must want to be better at thinking, to pin point and minimise any biasing influence on our thought from culture and up bringing, to seek out and be guided by knowledge and evidence that fits with reality. Even if it refutes our cherished beliefs. Indeed, when we think critically, beliefs tend not to be cherished, but held on the understanding that, if they're shown to be unfounded, a change of position is the appropriate response. Critical thinkers cultivate an attitude of curiosity and eagerness to widen their perspective and broaden their knowledge. And they're willing to do the work required to keep themselves properly informed about a subject. They recognise that explanations must actually explain and be testable, to be worthy of serious consideration. And that legitamate theories clearly define the circumstamces in which they'll concede defeat. Critical thinking embraces skepticism. Skepticism doesn't mean any indiscriminate rejection of ideas as some mistakenly believe. It refers to doubting and suspending our judgement about claims with which we're presented, so that we don't simply accept clains which might be unjustified, but first take the time to understand them, examining the reasoning and possible assumptions and biases behind them.

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Posted by: umagon on Jan 23, 2010

pensamiento critico

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