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Captioned Children's Message July 12th, 2009, Zion Lutheran, Torrance, CA

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Pastor Dave has invited children to come forward and "gather round" for this Sunday's Children Message. We watch as they come forward and sit down. Everybody kinda squish in here so we're all a little closer. We're kinda all far out. Pastor Dave motions to them to move closer. He says: There you go. Okay! Good Morning everybody! Children mumble. He says: Uh-huh ... un-huh ... Okay! I say Good Morning everybody and you guys say: (motioning with his hands) ... More mumbling along with laughter greets Pastor Dave. How's everybody doing today? Sleepy ... good ... Okay. I understand that. So ... who would like to look in the ... uh ... purple bag this morning? Oh, but we have a ... uh... new rule now in the purple bag. We need you to get your parents' permission. So ... who wants to look in the purple bag? Okay, Caleb. Go ask your dad if you can look in the purple bag. No, you have to go ask him. Caleb leaves to go and ask his dad's permission as the congregation enjoys the moment with a little laughter. When he returns, Pastor Dave asks: And he said? ... Yes! Yes ... oh, he said yes. You have to ask your mom, too. (Caleb leaves and comes back again.) Okay. But ... uh ... the bag feels pretty light. Could you go ask Mrs. Bostedt if she remembered what I was supposed to put in the purple bag? Caleb gives a little groan as he leaves again. Pastor calls out to him: Just believe and then adds: Mrs. Bostedt is on the organ. While Caleb is looking for Mrs. Bostedt the congregation again enjoys a bit of laughter and Pastor asks: Did she? Did she bring the stuff for the purple bag? Pastor watches as Caleb returns to him. (More laughter before Caleb returns.) Then Pastor Dave asks: Did she? Caleb says: She didn't. Pastor: No. Caleb says: She's not in charge of it. Pastor agrees: She's not in charge of the purple bag. You know what this exercise shows us. That at the time when Jesus lived ... people didn't have cell phones and they didn't have telephones. So if they wanted to have information from somebody, guess what they had to do? They had to walk. So the man whose daughter was sick, had to walk to find Jesus. And then when the man found Jesus, Jesus and His disciples had to walk to where the girl was. And that takes a lot of time, doesn't it? Look how much time and all this thinking on the purple bag this morning. So why did the man do all of that walking? Why did the man go to Jesus? 'Cause He believed that Jesus could do what for his little girl? He could make her alive. That's right! So we remind ourselves today to trust Jesus ... to go to Jesus with ALL of our cares and ALL of our concerns 'cause He's gonna help us and He will be with us and He'll protect us. We can't walk to Jesus, so what do WE do instead? How do we go to Jesus? We pray. That's right. So you still get to look in the purple bag this morning, Caleb. Caleb reaches into the purple bag and finally says: Whaaat? Pastor takes objects and shakes one out saying: funky straws! Caleb goes "Oooh ..." Pastor continues: Because I'm sure when they realized that their little girl was alive, they were happy and they were ready to have a party. So, today we're going to remind ourselves how happy we are that Jesus is in our life and we can go to Him whenever we want in prayer, because He's gonna help us and take care of us. Okay? Are there any questions? If not, then you guys can go back to your moms and dads and we'll join together in our sermon hymn, Hymn 475.

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Posted by: hischild on Jul 17, 2009

This closed-captioned message illustrates how today we STILL have instant access to help by talking to Jesus through prayer.

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