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Live the Best Version of You Live the Best Version of You So here we are on our last mission of this wonderful journey we've had together. And I'm so excited that you made it so far. Let's recap what we've learned at this level We've learned that the Endless World, we, the vessel, we had it all. The Light was continuously sharing with us, and we received all the fulfillment. But, there's one thing we could not do in the Endless World --- we could not share. We were not the cause of receiving our fulfillment. We just received because the Light wanted to share. And therefore, we made a decision. We chose to say no! We didn't want to say no to the Light completely. We just didn't want to receive the Light as the effect, as a reactive receiver. And therefore, we made a decision. Right now in our life, we are in a reality where the Light is hidden from our eyes. We have the choice to let the Light in by acting like the Light, by being a giver, by transforming from being the effect, to being the cause in our life. And we actually learned a very powerful tool to help us to do exactly that. All those things that we've learned in all those levels so far, the Proactive Formula is the perfect tool to help us transform from being the effect to being the cause and to really live up to our full potential. The potential of our soul. So how do we do that? Let's look at it. We said that when a challenge occurs, when something happens in my life that's not comfortable, that I feel negative about, the first thing to do is to stop, to pause. Why? Because I understand that those challenges that are coming is actually the Light that wants to come in. It's the Light that wants to enter into my life. I need to earn that Light. The first step to earn the Light is to pause. But because I understand it's the Light that wants to come in I say, "What a pleasure." Remember that? What a pleasure the Light wants to share with me and now I have an opportunity to earn that Light. So we understand that this opportunity is in our movie for a reason. And therefore we ask, "Why is it in my movie?" We are not asking it as victims. We want to truly understand, why is this situation needed in my life? In what way do I need that situation to be able to transform? Because my tikkun dictates that everything that comes to me in my life has a reason. The reason is to allow me to become the perfect version of myself - the best version of myself. There's one force that we continue listening to that is blocking me from achieving that. We learned that it's the voice of the opponent. The opponent's voice is that voice that tells me to react, to scream, to argue to blame, not taking responsibility. When we resist that voice, we are actually earning the Light. The reason the opponent is there, is to give me an opportunity to earn the Light in my life. And by doing that, that's exactly what happens. We transform from being the effect, to being the cause. But we also know that it's a process. Not just by resisting the opponent, by me overcoming my reactive behavior. It's not that the Light appears immediately, that the answer comes right away, It's a process. And therefore we learned, that we need to learn to embrace the process. Embracing the process means to resist my immediate need for instant gratification. For the quick fix. And the best proactive way to do so is to come from a place of giving. To be kind, especially in situations where it's very difficult for me to be kind. In a logical way, that would also cause the Light to come in. By me acting like the Light, being sharing, being kind, I'm attracting the Light into my life. And then the answer can come, the solution can come. Beyond my logic, beyond my rational mind directly from the source, from the Light that has all the answers for me. So let's see how we can actually apply because we, everyone of us has a very personal tikkun, a very personal journey. And being the cause in our lives, taking responsibility can look very different to each person. And remember, we are here to take responsibility over our life and to do the mission that our soul came to do in this world. So let's turn now to the rule and tool -- the final ones for this entire journey. The rule for this level is If I want to be like the Light, I need to be the cause--that's the rule. I cannot experience the Light if I'm not behaving like the Light, if I'm not making the effort to be the cause in my life. How do I apply it? Therefore we have the tool. The tool for this level is, if I want to attract the Light into my life, I need to initiate an action of sharing or resistance. That will let the Light into my life, removing the darkness, removing the doubts, removing the fears and allowing me to evolve and transform and to fulfill more of the potential that is within my soul, my gifts. We at the Kabbalah Center would love to hear from you. We're actually so excited when you are going to share with us what were your experiences along this journey? What tools did you apply? What rules did you apply? What changes did it make in your life? By sharing this with us, you are not only inspiring yourself, but you're inspiring all the participants in this course, and you even inspire us, the teachers. We can learn from you. And we can see and be inspired by how you make those transformations in your own life. We hope very much that you choose to continue to share this journey with us together. And, feel free to go on our website and checkout what are the opportunities, what are the possibilities for you, to continue the study and continue the journey of transformation. Karen Berg, the Director of the Kabbalah Center often says that "Me, myself, I. I cannot change the world myself, but I can change myself." And when many MEs are changing themselves, this is when we are changing the world. So whether you choose to continue to study or not, I know by applying those rules by applying those principles and teachings, your life and making those transformations, you are definitely making a difference.

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