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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~14:15:51 - 14:30:51

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Put another one. Like this. No. Let's go I will do you two braids. Two braids. Two braids, come here. Do not take it off. Oh what. ― So tangled. ― No one is here. ― There is no one here. ― There is. ― Oh knock-knock. ― Ouch. ― Now there is. I will do it for you now. Who is this? Who is knocking? I will eat it tonight. Someone said "Roma". A, b, c, d, o. ― Is she doing two braids for you? ― Yes, two braids. ― And whose is this? Yours? Is this yours? ― No I just borrowed it. This is mine, this I know. ― Yes you. Come on. ― Yes I know. Make it all different like this. ― Please do not interrupt us. ― What? ― Do not interrupt us. ― Who, Zhanna? ― Yes. ― Zhanna-banana. ― I am not a banana. ― Zhanna-Zhanna? ― Zhanna banana. ― Zhanna-kanana. O wow. Don't show. ― You eh. ― You. Here is a million, billion dollars. ― Put the scissors down. ― They are plastic. ― Have you bought? ― And this stands here. ― Ohh they make two hair ties? ― Yes. I have cut. OK, OK, OK. ― Who else to cut? ― Me. ― Oh, I will cut this. ― Do you want me to cut the hair? ― No, and then you will be guilty not me. ― Or do you want... ― No. ― Roma, you fool. ― And do you want, I will cut this also? ― Cut. ― And this? ― Cut. ― And this? ― Cut. ― And for you? ― No. ― Hahaha... ― And cut this? ― Yes. Your fault, Roma. Argh, I will cut you, cut cut cut. ― Cutting off... ― Hmm. Do it, do it. ― Do it. ― That's it, pretty lady. Play. ― Let me see. ― Zhanna. ― What? ― Let's go play with beads? ― No. ― What are you going to do? ― Just cut, cut things out. ― Ah, yes, make beads. ― I also will make beads. ― And what are you going to do? ― Huh? ― What are you going to do? ― A caterpillar! ― Let me, I will do it myself. ― Here are more beads. ― Only, Roma, do not touch the scissors, understood? ― And may I? ― No, you may not, do not touch the scissors at all. ― How do we do this? Cut it and put them away after. ― Cut. ― Oh, that is it, I have done it already, hey! ― Cut now. ― Let me. ― Like this? ― Yes. ― No, not like this. ― Hold it like this and I will cut it off. And my turn now. ― Hold it again, hold it again. ― No. Yes. Beads, bam... ― Which horses... You want? ― No, I don't want. ― You know, what colours are these? ― Zhan, look, where you want to, where you want to? ― Where you want to? For your hand? ― No. ― Where? Right here? ― Where? ― What are you making this for? ― You will see now. You guess first. ― You know what for? ― What? ― The foot. I made it too big for your foot, cut it, then I made it for your face. For your face. Do you want me to make another one just like this for you? ― No. ― Beautiful I know... ― I made it like one a lady has. ― Where? ― Here. If you want, I can make one like a puppy has? As a puppy has. I'm going, why do I need these here? I can do myself whatever I want. ― Zhan, what colour do you like? This, gold? ― Yes. ― This gold one. Then I will make a lot of these. ― I like red only. ― Red only? ― Yes, I like it. ― Anymore? ― I also like pink. ― Here is pink. And this is not gold. Pink, gold. Here, Zhanna, this is pink. ― And where is gold? ― Here, red gold. ― And pink gold is where? ― Here, here is gold. ― And then what? Yellow? ― I don't know. Here is gold, here is gold. ― Look what we've been making it for. ― I did say what you were making it for. Not for this. Argh... You betrayed me. What? I don't want... What did I do to you? You know what? Two beads fell down. ― And got lost. ― Here. That's OK, I don't need anymore. Here, here, like a lady has. ― Which ladies? ― Such ladies. ― These, Zhan. ― Ah. ― I will make it beautiful. ― Me too. ― Gold, and like these too... ― This is not like a lady's, I lied. ― They are like this. ― Someone is playing a game there! But why play a game? I won't play a game. When you've finished then play. ― Silly something they are playing. ― What? ― Silly something they are playing. ― Do you want it like this? ― No. ― Which? ― I have already made myself like this one. ― No, not like this. ― Where do you get these blue ones? ― Blue? ― Yes. ― Look for them here. Bagel... Here is a butterfly. Do you want me to find you a butterfly? ― I don't know. ― Here is a flower. Mine is beautiful, I've found... ― You need a flower, Zhanna, you? ― Yes. ― Roma. ― What? ― Give me blue. ― Do you need a flower? ― No. What? Flower, yes. Not a flower but a butterfly. Butterfly and flower. Yes. There are a lot of butterflies somewhere here. You should look here. ― Roma, am I making them beautiful? ― Yes. ― We haven't used these. ― Which? ― Ones like this. Take one, put it down here on the table. ― Roma, here. Don't touch anything, I will come back. ― Where are you going? ― The washroom. ― Only quickly. ― Yep. Hey, lady, lady! Zhan, tell her not to walk after you! ― I can't say it. ― Are you shy? ― Don't be shy. ― I will be quick. ― Boo! ― Eh! ― Hahaha. ― Who did this? You? ― Yes. ― And this is whose? ― Igor's, yes, Igor gave it to me, I need it. Look, Zhan, two like this, yes, and also look, look. Look, Zhan, oh! ― So beautiful, do you know where I will put them? ― Where? Here I've found a beautiful... ― Show to the camera. ― Roma, what are you doing? Eh, and what is this button? What? OK come on, come on. ― I will look for something pretty. ― If you find a red, will you give it to me?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 104
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 4, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 14:15-14:30 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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