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OperaLabori is a service firm born in 2003 and made up of 3 divisions: One division takes care of organizational consulting and process management. One division takes care of staff research and selection, created by the Ministry of Labor in 2004. And one division takes care of free training for the unemployed, as well as internationally certified training. The project we took into consideration had to involve a "climbable" structure. This means we had to start with a basic structure that satisfied our needs but that could also expand over time without overturning all of the infrastructures. OperaLabori's main need was to be able to use its informational flow with ease. Another important need was simply to be able to wire the entire premises. This allowed us to use a LAN system which feeds directly into Cisco's IP phones, thanks to Power Over Internet technology. In this sense, the entire Cisco-based solution saw the introduction of Power Over Internet switches, as well as Cisco's 2811 SR router, upon which we installed a Cisco Call Manager Express license. To all of this, we add all of Cisco's IP phones, among which Models 7940, 7941 and 7906. For a total of about 10 internal phones. All of this was developed in the past three years, starting in 2005, and has allowed us to start from a basic infrastructure and to expand it to the particularly complex infrastructure we have today. It is complex, but very easy to manage. There was and understanding and there was the technology, so the partner we chose turned out to be an ideal choice. A technologically competent partner who also understood our needs and found solutions that fit our reality and adapted to us. What was done fully fits Texor's DNA as a networking systems integrator. Working on complex projects and state-of-the-art technology, we immediately began our partnership with Cisco. The Unified Communication solution is therefore offered to our clients who know that it is the best technology for any need they may have.

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